If you have watched reality shows, then you know how popular house-hunting shows are today. Now if you’re looking at real estate listings in Edmonton and are about to invest a good amount of money on your dream home, these TV shows can be both good and bad for you. They’re good because they can give you a lot of ideas and tips. At the same time, they’re also bad because they can make you wish that you’re as decisive as the people in these shows.

But there’s another element in these shows that you might not be fully aware of. The couples they feature most likely had some arguments about the properties they looked at. If you want to avoid the unnecessary stress of fighting with your partner when buying real estate, then you need to know what usually cause/s these arguments.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common topics/issues couples disagree on when shopping for a new home:

The Location

Not everyone can agree on where they should live. One partner might want to prioritize their commute while others may prefer the kind of surroundings they have. You can avoid fighting over the location by listing down your priorities and finding out where the best neighborhoods are.

The Property

If you’re planning to spend a lot of money on a property, you’d want it to be perfect for you. Besides, you’ll also be living in it so you shouldn’t compromise, right? Unfortunately, your definition of what is perfect might be different from that of your spouse. You might nitpick on the smallest details while they may find it inconsequential.

Experts recommend couples to create a scorecard where they’ll rate the houses they visit and then compare their notes at the end of the day. This can be a more thorough way of evaluating the property which can substantiate both party’s opinions and feelings about the house.


Money will always be a touchy subject for couples, and with the amount of money you’re going to spend on a house, it will definitely be a hot topic for the both of you. One might be willing to make adjustments so they can afford a bigger and better house while the other will argue about being house-poor.

To avoid a huge blow out because of budgets, you should make sure to do the math before even deciding to buy a house. This will put things in perspective and help you commit to your budget even when you find a beautiful house that’s just a little bit out of your budget.


Some people will be more than willing to get a fixer-upper just to save money on their purchase. While it can be ideal if they have the time and skills to do the work themselves, renovations can always be huge undertakings for most households. The hassle alone might not be worth the savings.

Talk things out and be realistic about what you can renovate or remodel. Couples know each other well anyway, so you should be able to call out the other one if they’re being too ambitious. Agreeing upon your limits can help make decisions easier and prevent arguments.

It’s perfectly understandable for couples to disagree, especially when making such a huge investment. But don’t let the pressure and stress that come with the process get in the way. Many issues can be resolved with proper communication and planning. Besides, it’s just a house. Your relationship is way more important than that, anyway.


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