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4 health problems consistent with rising damp

Home & Family4 health problems consistent with rising damp

Rising damp is a common scourge in many Scottish homes and a damp house in the UK is generally seen as a part of living here. The climate here means that older houses are going to have condensation inside , the wallpaper is going to peel and there will be occasional mold on the ceilings. However, rising damp isn’t just something that looks bad, but it has a great potential to affect our health and it is the cause of many common ailments in the Scotland. We need to stop accepting that rising damp is just a common occurrence and start to look at the real negative health effects it causes. Here are just some of the problems, with having rising damp issues in your home.

1.- Breathing Problems – Your respiratory system is affected by a damp home, and it isn’t just the moisture in the air that is affecting you. It is also the fact, that minute bacteria are present as well as fungi, and these things thrive in an area that is moist and damp. If you live in a home that has rising damp, then you are two times more likely to be affected by asthma. You can also have issues with bronchitis, chest pains and all manners of breathing difficulties. You need to take steps now, towards fixing your damp home, in order to combat this genuine threat to your health and wellbeing.

2.- Skin Problems – As well as causing respiratory problems among your family members, rising damp in Scotland has been found to have a clear link with skin problems. Living in a damp environment means you are more prone to things like eczema, which is a very unpleasant skin condition. The dampness and moisture in your home, significantly increases the possibility that you and your children will experience some kind of skin complaint, and fixing this rising damp will once again, reduce the chances of suffering from skin issues.

3.- Other Ailments– Scottish people who live in damp houses are more likely to experience issues with fevers and will display symptoms such as fainting, aches and pains, vomiting and high temperatures. In Scotland, there have been studies that suggested, that Scottish children are more likely to suffer from a runny or blocked nose, associated with homes with rising damp and mold.

4.- Get It Fixed – If you have a damp home, then it goes without saying, that you and your immediate family, are more likely to experience health issues. With that in mind, it should be at the top of your list, to get this rising damp addressed now. If you are renting, contact your landlord and inform them of your issues with rising damp and insist that they fix it. If you own your own home, similarly, you need to address this issue and contact an experienced damp proofing company, who will hopefully be able to identify the source of the rising damp and eradicate it.

If you are experiencing excess moisture in the air and mold, it is a result of the weather here, but also there are issues with the construction of the house. For the sake of your families health, contact a damp proofing company today.


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