There are understandable negative consequences that come with being charged with a drug crime. Along with the countless court costs, bail bond payments, and loss of time you would have spent at work or with your family, your reputation can take a beating.

The charge, if substantiated, can affect your hireability for future jobs and create undue fear when applying for housing. In short, it can make your life a mess. With several states considering the legalization of cannabis and the few that already have, some are confused on what is allowed and what is not.

Though simple possession and possession of the drug on private property have been made legal, there are still several instances where you could face a drug charge. Below are some suggestions on how to handle it if you find yourself in that situation.

Seek Representation Immediately

This should be your absolute first move. Never attempt to represent yourself in a court of law, unless you have no other option. The justice system is not inclined to go easy on offenders involved in a drug charge.

Matter-of-fact, lawyers and judges, alike, are motivated to take a stronger stance in drug cases than most other cases because of the rampant effect they have on society.

Unless you are a lawyer well educated in the ways of criminal law and drug offenses, this course of action is not recommended. Lack of representation will most likely mean a one-way ticket to jail. If faced with a drug violation, ask immediately for an attorney.

Remember Your Manners

Manners are a something you can’t seem to find very often anymore these days. In a police officer’s line of work, they are in even shorter supply. Most of the time, when a person chooses to follow a life of crime, their selfish ambition does not allow them the luxury of having manners. With that said, simple cooperation with the local authorities will go a long way.

Remember to say yes ma’am and yes sir. Use the word please when you are asking questions and acknowledge their reply with a thank you whether you like the answer or not. Also, keep your attitude in check. Whether you are guilty or not, remember to give respect to law enforcement officers and, most likely, they will return the favor.

Know Your Rights

When being charged with a drug crime, as with any, you should make sure to know what your rights are. In the United States, you are still innocent until proven guilty. Make a note of whether or not you were read your Miranda rights and if you were searched illegally.

While using the manners we discussed above, make it known that you are aware that you do not have to answer any questions without your attorney present. Remember, any you say can and probably will be used against you in a court of law.

Being charged with a drug charge can be intimidating and downright scary, especially if you are innocent. Using the tips above can help you navigate your way through with the best possible outcome.


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