Kids find plenty of ways to get dirty on their own, they don’t need to live in a home filled with filth and clutter. A healthy, safe home is one factor in creating happy, well-rounded children. Vance Hardinger, owner of Pest Control Las Vegas, says “With just a few ways to make a house more safe and healthy for kids, little ones can be free to play, explore, and be themselves in a secure environment”.

Hire A Pest Control Pro

Pests carry countless germs and different diseases. Allowing them to remain in the home will only spell disaster. A messy home can easily attract pests, making it necessary to keep a clean house that leaves nothing out for insects or rodents to get their mouths on. Parents don’t have to wait until bugs are seen to call pest control. Call a company specializing in pest control in Raleigh or in an area near you, to learn about preventative measures that will keep pests at bay.

Get the Ducts Cleaned

Dust particles in the air spread easily, which children breathe in. This can actually cause symptoms of asthma to be exacerbated, making kids cough, wheeze, and have a difficult time breathing. It’s important to have the air ducts in your home cleaned regularly to ensure healthy air quality. It will help keep asthma symptoms at bay and avoid other illnesses brought on by poor air quality.

Declutter your Home

Especially when a new baby arrives in the home, more and more items take up space in the residence. From swings to diaper pails, clothes to toys, the place can quickly become overrun with baby gear. As children grow, this doesn’t change. Their toys and socks only seem to accumulate more, along with school papers, art projects, soccer trophies, and more. This makes it necessary to declutter the home often and find a way to downsize on belongings. Go through and see which items have been used in the last month or two. If they have been used, they obviously need to be kept. If they haven’t, there really may no longer be any use for them. They should either get thrown out, donated, or put into storage where they are not taking up space.

Involve Children in Chores

Kids need to learn the importance of cleaning, and that doesn’t mean watching mom or dad do all the work. It’s best to involve children in chores, as long as they’re age appropriate. It will help them get used to handling the tasks and perhaps even allow them to see some joy in doing it. Start them out at an early age by buying them the toy cleaning sets found in stores. Toy vacuums, brooms, dishes, and cleaning products are all available to get kids interested. There are shorter-handled brooms available that kids can start to use to help sweep, and a stool comes in handy so they can stand at the sink and reach the dishes. Mom can wash while the kiddo dries to make for some healthy bonding time.

A healthy, safe, happy home is created when parents do all they can to keep it that way. By engaging children in chores, decluttering the home often, getting the ducts cleaned, and hiring pest control, parents can keep the house clean and healthy for the children and themselves. Some stress stems from a cluttered mess of a house, so keeping things clean can make the entire family feel more at ease.


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