Does your kitchen have an outdated design? Then it may be time to give it a new modern look. But before you think about remodeling ideas, it’s important that you don’t focus not just on aesthetics only, but functionality as well. Your budget will also play a critical role when brainstorming ideas. In this article, we’re going to give you a few kitchen remodeling ideas that will add to your home’s overall look and value without breaking the bank.

1. Enlarge the Kitchen Island
The traditional kitchen has a small kitchen island that serves as the dining area or an additional counter for preparing food. Contemporary kitchen designs usually have a large island with more under-counter functions. You can incorporate storage cabinets, an oven, sink, diner-style seating, a bar, and any other appliances on the island. Take the time to carefully plan its design and the furniture pieces surrounding it. As the size of the island becomes bigger, it will become the most prominent focal point in the kitchen.

2. Get New Cabinets
Another prominent area in your kitchen is the storage cabinetry. You have several options when refurbishing your cabinets. While natural wood cabinets were the norm not too long ago, they are getting outdated. If your kitchen has these type of cabinets, consider installing new cabinets. Companies like RTA Depot supply high-quality cabinets with modern designs. White color cabinets still work in modern houses. However, the latest trend is to complement your kitchen with dark-colored cabinets or two-tone cabinets. Some of the dark colors that you can choose from include navy, grey, and black.

3. Install Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring will give any room a warm look. But for many years, homeowners decided to install hardwood floors in all other rooms except the kitchen. More homeowners are now discovering the beauty of hardwood flooring in the kitchen.

Hardwood flooring is more expensive than other flooring types and has high maintenance needs. However, it is one of the best renovation ideas, especially if you are remodeling to flip a house. If you are concerned about the maintenance needs of hardwood, use alternatives such wood-effect porcelain tiles. You can also go for engineered wood flooring to get the same look.

4. Quartz Kitchen Counters
Granite has been the top choice for kitchen countertops for many years, but Quartz counters are slowly but surely taking over modern kitchen designs. You can give your kitchen a drastic change by replacing the old counters with quartz counters. Quartz is also very versatile and has low maintenance needs. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, including marble.

5. Repaint your Walls
An easy and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a different look is to repaint the walls. You do not have to be stuck with the same color combinations for years. Consider the colors of your cabinets and counters when choosing colors for your walls. You can play around with different colors that blend in or use the same colors for all the walls. For instance, you can paint all the walls white and go with a different shade on the counters or cabinets.

6. Buy Colorful Appliances
White appliances dominated many kitchens before stainless steel took over. If you have used the same appliances for years, replace them with colorful appliances that blend with other colors in your kitchen. You can maintain the same stainless steel look with a dark brushed metallic finish. Alternatively, go for bright colors such as yellow, red, navy, or emerald green.

7. Replace the Sink
Replacing your sink may be an inexpensive change worth making, especially if the sink is the most prominent point. Anyone who visits the kitchen is likely to end up at the sink. The good thing about installing a new sink is that you do not need a plumber. You can buy a high-quality sink and install it yourself instead of paying a plumber to do it for you. The cost of the sink may vary depending on the features and quality of the faucets, but you should have no problems finding a great looking sink for an affordable price.

8. Install a New Lighting System
A good lighting system will have a dramatic effect on any room, including the kitchen. Lighting should be among your top considerations if your kitchen has limited access to natural light. In most cases, changing the size of the windows in the kitchen is close to impossible. You can achieve a similar effect with the lighting system. Purchase modern fixtures and place them at different locations in the kitchen. You can draw attention to specific areas in your kitchen using proper lighting.

9. Add Storage Spaces
You’ll always have to deal with clutter on your counters if your storage space is limited. The cabinets may be insufficient to store all the appliances and kitchenware. Installing cabinets on every wall may cause the space to appear smaller. Instead, consider adding under-counter cabinets on the kitchen island. Another way to increase storage is to install floating shelves on the walls. You can choose between wooden and glass shelves. Installing new shelves is inexpensive and takes just a few hours.

10. Open Kitchen Design
Sometimes the only way to make a kitchen functional is to change its entire design. An open plan may be your best choice if you want a seamless flow of activity from your kitchen to the dining area and other areas. You will need to take down some walls, but an open kitchen gives you easy access to all areas and appliances. It will also improve interaction and will be more flexible for your family.

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the best ways to not only increase the value of your home but make it more functional and modern as well. Since much of our time is spent in the kitchen, you should do everything in your power to make it as appealing and practical as possible.


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