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10 perks of living near schools

Home & Family10 perks of living near schools

One of the main reasons why condos in NDG (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce) are so popular is due to the fact there are a lot of schools nearby. Parents with school-age kids love that in NDG there are 6 French elementary schools, 4 English elementary schools, 6 private high schools, and 4 public high schools. The Loyola Campus of Concordia University is also located here.

If you’re a parent, you really should consider living near a good school. The perks are quite attractive! Take a look:

  1. Your kids won’t be late for school. It’s inevitable that sometimes kids may spend late nights studying, and the morning rush can leave them frazzled. The traffic during rush hour can also be quite aggravating. At least when you live near the school, your kids can avoid all these problems.
  2. You will also have more time for family bonding, even in the mornings on a weekday. Bonding doesn’t really work when everyone’s in the car. It’s better to bond over the breakfast table why enjoying a leisurely meal and cup of coffee. Everyone seems friendlier when there’s no reason to rush sleep-deprived kids out of the house.
  3. If the kids forget something, it’s easier to get it. This can alleviate the stress of forgotten homework assignments and lunches.
  4. You can also get to your kids more easily and more quickly if there’s ever an emergency. When you get a call from the principal’s office about any sort of emergency, it can be quite stressful for you and child until you get there. At least when you live nearby, getting there won’t take long. Your child won’t have long to wait.
  5. Living near school also makes you more likely to show up for various school events, such as PTA meetings, school plays, and athletic events. Lots of children can get depressed when they perform and they don’t see their parents in the audience.
  6. When your kids and their friends need to study or complete a school project, your home can be a convenient place for them to gather and work. This is especially true when the work can take a long while and they have to work late into the night. At least when they study in your home, you can make sure that they have food and drinks and go to sleep at a reasonable time.
  7. Your condo unit can also be a great place for sleepovers and slumber parties. Sleepovers are crucial for children’s social development, and they can help strengthen friendships that make life so much more enjoyable for children. You can also watch over your kids so you know that they’re safe.
  8. You’re not the only parent who realizes how beneficial it is to live near the school. This can also forge stronger friendships among your kids and their schoolmates when they’re all neighbors. You can also make friends with the parents of your children’s friends.
  9. Children also can get to home more quickly after school. After a long day’s work dealing with teachers, quizzes, and other children, your kids can really use the rest your home provides as soon as possible. With your home so near the school, they can get that rest much sooner. They don’t have to deal with traffic, and if they can walk home they won’t have to be stranded in school for any reason.
  10. In your own way, you’re also saving the environment. You don’t have to drive far to bring your kids to school. It’s even better if your kids can walk to school, so they can get some exercise!


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