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How to throw a kid’s birthday party on a budget


If you’re trying to throw a kid’s birthday party, then you probably know that costs can add up quickly. Trying to restrain costs may seem like a challenge but you can plan a fun party without breaking the bank with a few strategies. No matter the age of your child, use these tips to put together a fun budget-friendly party.

Avoid Meal-Time Parties

If you’re having a large group over for the party, even simple foods like pizza can cost a lot. Try to plan an afternoon party with a pick-up time before dinner. You can serve light snacks in addition to the birthday cake which will be much easier on your wallet.

Send Digital Invitations

Since most people communicate primarily online today, you don’t need to do written and mailed invitations. Many online websites allow you to send fun and free e-vites. This option can also make it easier to keep track of who is coming to the party.

Don’t Order a Gourmet Cake

Cakes are a surprisingly expensive part of party expenses and chances are your child wants something fancier than a homemade cake. Instead of going to a gourmet shop however, why not order a custom cake from a place like Safeway? The Safeway cake order process is easy and they have a huge range of options. You can find a variety of themes, frosting options, and cake types that the kids will love.

Pick Up Favors at Dollar Stores

You may choose to give away goodies bags or you may set up some party games and give away prizes instead. Visit local dollar stores to pick up fun favors like small toys, tiaras, or other party favors you can think of. You may also be able to find some supplies for craft projects that you may want to do at the party so make sure to visit well in advance.

Borrow from Friends and Family

If you need tables, chairs, or even decorations for the party, you may not have to buy or rent them. Ask your friends and family if they have any of the items that you need. Even the parents of invited guests may be willing to pitch in what they have. Just make sure to ask early to avoid last-minute costs.

Shop Online

Many times, you can find cheaper deals though online options rather than party stores. Make sure to do your shopping early so you can take advantage of any end-of-season sales or clearance.

Enlist Family and Friends

If you’re planning a larger party, then you’re going to need some help. Instead of hiring people to help set up and manage the party, ask family and friends for assistance. They’ll be a great help with crowd control and avoiding any problems during the event.

These basic tips will help you throw a fun party without having to worry about going over budget. Use these tips to keep costs low. You’ll be surprised how much you can save with just a few simple steps.


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