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Legal lessons: 3 key reasons your injury case needs a competent lawyer


It is something always unanticipated and can happen in a split second. When it does, an accident can cause a person’s life to be changed forever. It could take weeks for a victim to discover the extent of damage they’ve experienced. Injuries may go unnoticed immediately after the accident and suddenly begin to appear. The costs associated with medical treatment, property damage and more start to come into focus. An accident victim begins to realize the full extent of how the accident will affect them. This is when they need to start the fight for compensation. It is the time for an accident victim to contact a knowledgeable and competent attorney.

Value Of Claim

When an accident victim tries to figure out what is fair compensation; they may not realize the real value of their case. Some people could believe they can use an online personal injury settlement calculator to obtain an exact figure. This type of calculator can only be used as a guide. It can’t take in the many factors associated with determining the real value of a person’s injuries and damages. The skill of an attorney can more accurately determine the value of a case. This valuable information helps them negotiate with an insurance company or directly with a defendant. An attorney will know the value of an accident victim’s case by using many different factors including experience. They know what is involved in getting a fair settlement. An attorney will know how to properly evaluate an accident victim’s pain and suffering as well as their property damage and more. They are experienced with insurance company tactics and know how to deal with them.

Legal Process

Most accident victims are not familiar with the legal process. There are numerous procedures involved with it. Certain forms must be filled out correctly and procedures properly followed. There is a certain amount of time a person will have to file a claim. It is known as the statute of limitations, and an attorney knows how to avoid problems with it. An accident victim should know the goal of an insurance company is to pay as little as possible for each claim. An attorney knows how to avoid a legal technicality that could help an insurance company lower a settlement and severely damage an accident victim’s claim. If a case needs to go to trial, an attorney will know the process and how to succeed. An accident victim won’t have to become an expert in the law. With a competent attorney, they’ll have one with them during the entire process.


Many accident victims will face a financial disruption in their life. They may not be able to work. Their financial obligations won’t stop. This could affect their ability to pay for rent, credit cards, insurance other financial obligations. When accident victims are unable to contact their creditor’s on their own, an attorney may be able to do it for them. They can notify an accident victim’s creditor’s about the accident. They can inform the creditors of an accident victim’s financial situation. An attorney can answer any questions a creditor has about an accident victim returning to work. They can confirm steps are being taken to obtain a fair settlement. In some situations, an attorney can be given permission to discuss a creditor’s claim against an accident victim’s settlement and more.

An attorney at Acheson Sweeney Foly Sahota LLP may work for an accident victim on a contingency basis. This means the attorney will not get paid until the accident victim gets paid. Research has shown that accident victims who use competent attorneys receive more in an insurance settlement or court judgment than those who do not have legal representation. These attorneys believe in an accident victim’s case. They are motivated to do what is necessary to get their client the settlement they deserve.


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