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How to deal with the very real risk of a driving suspension


Whatever your chosen profession or industry, the chances are that driving plays an integral role, and for many Australian motorists, the very thought of a driving suspension sends shivers down their spine. As we all know, there are many minor driving offences that can be dished out on our modern urban roads, and with the police employing technology in their attempts to reduce driving offences, one can easily make a few minor mistakes and suddenly be looking at a driving ban.

Legal Representation

Should your driving licence already have a few penalty points and you think there might be a chance of a temporary suspension, you should make contact with an experienced traffic lawyer as soon as possible. Top notch traffic lawyers can make all the difference, and mitigating circumstances – if presented well – can swing a judge’s decision in favour of a non –suspension sentence. If your driving is your livelihood, then it makes perfect sense to enlist the help of an experienced traffic lawyer, who will give you your best chance of avoiding a driving disqualification.

Check on the Law Firm’s Success Rate

All lawyers will keep statistics on their performance, as this is a strong indicator for their clients of what to expect, and while no lawyer can guarantee a non-suspension sentence, as a lot depends on the offence(s) committed, he or she can demonstrate that they have a high success rate, and regardless of the offences, they manage to swing the verdict to a more favourable outcome for their clients. Of course, there is no second bite at the cherry with a driving offence, and by hiring the best legal firm, you are increasing your chances of a satisfactory outcome.

Free Legal Advice

A very competent traffic lawyer would be only too happy to give you an introductory session for free, during which, he or she would outline the chances of a driving ban, and should you wish to take a chance and not hire them, there would be no obligation on your part. The stats should speak for themselves, and while there are offences where a driving ban is sure to be part of the sentence, often, the judge will be sympathetic to the offender, providing, of course, that you are well represented. Speeding is a common offence, as we all try to keep up with our hectic daily schedules, and if you have had a couple of tickets already, there is a real possibility of being given a 3 or 6 month driving ban.

Mitigating Circumstances

Judges are only human, and mitigating circumstances offer the official a range of sentencing options, and the negative impact of a driving suspension will be taken into consideration. When you consider the implications of losing your driving licence, even for a short time, hiring a competent traffic lawyer is by far your best way forward, and with their expert presentation and the fact that a driving ban will seriously affect you and your family, it is likely that you will escape the suspension.

It costs nothing to seek some initial advice, and with the right lawyer in your corner, a non-suspension sentence is far more likely to be the outcome.


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