Utilising minimalist decor in your home can seem a bit intimidating at times, and people tend to think that having so few things means that people will notice every little thing wrong with them. This isn’t the case, but the worry that comes with reducing our possessions to so few is more complex than just a single-sentence solution can seem to fix. In the hopes that it helps you to properly offset your fear, we have compiled a list of the perks and possibilities of minimalist decor.


The first step to this considerably daunting task is to decide what items of furniture you need and don’t need. Many people give up at this stage, because they believe that all of their furniture is required, and that they therefore can’t get rid of any. Think of what you use more than twice a year, and you’ll realise that a good portion of your furniture is used very little. Good examples of this is stools that sit by benchtops, or extra chairs around a dining table. While these are useful pieces, they are rarely used, and therefore have no use in a minimalist home.

Function Over Form

The functionality of your items is more important than their aesthetic value, and this goes against the view that many people have for their things. Your favourite chair doesn’t have to be beautiful, it just has to be comfortable. Your bed doesn’t need to be grand, and made of exotic woods, it just has to be supportive and simple. Your couch doesn’t need to be covered with expensive hand-stitched leather, especially when a vinyl material will be cheaper and longer lasting. Finding function over form is tough, but an absolutely essential step in the minimalism in your home.

Simplistic Arrangements

The thing that clutters up your home the most is often the thing that you expect the least- your decor arrangements. Cleaning out the complex arrangements we build up over time, like all of the pictures and ornaments on your mantelpiece, or your ornament display case in your entrance hall, or even the steadily growing collection of consoles and blu-ray players stacked up next to your TV.

Taking the time to reduce that clutter to the bare essentials is a great way to remove a lot of clutter very quickly, and especially when it comes to consoles and movie machines, you likely won’t even notice the absence if you’ve hung onto one console that can act as a blu-ray player.

Hidden Furniture

Finally, there is the option of furniture that is hidden for the majority of the day, and only revealed when you need to use it. This is most commonly found in beds that fold up vertically into walls, and this is a simple and effective way to not only give yourself more space to move around during the day, but to add a bit of minimalism into your home. Many of these installations also have bookshelves included in the wall segment that hides the bed, making your bed frame and book shelf one and the same item.

The goals of minimalism is to declutter your life, making you calmer and more efficient, and happier. These thing are all possible once the unused and unwanted items are jettisoned from your life, so taking control of your possessions and hanging onto only your essentials is the fastest way to a happier life.


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