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Representation facts: 3 reasons you should not represent yourself in an accident case

Home & FamilyRepresentation facts: 3 reasons you should not represent yourself in an accident case

When you’re hurt because of an accident, you might wonder if you should hire an attorney or go it alone. You want to maximize your settlement and minimize stress, and you might wonder how to go about it. It’s almost always best to hire an attorney. Here are three reasons that you shouldn’t represent yourself in an accident case:

1. An Attorney Knows What Damages You Can Claim

A big part of maximizing compensation for an accident case is knowing the types of damages that you can claim. Your damages aren’t limited to only what it costs to get medical treatment. Instead, there’s a wide range of damages available to you in several different categories. For example, most people don’t know that they can ask for compensation for replacement services. Replacement services are things that you can no longer do around the home like mowing the lawn or driving the kids to school. If you have to hire people to help you do things that you could do for yourself before the accident, that’s a category of damages that you can claim as a result of your accident. There are other types of damages like pain and suffering, loss of use, physical therapy and wage replacement.

Having professional car accident lawyers on your side can help you evaluate your case to claim all of the types of damages that you qualify to claim. Experienced attorneys are familiar with the categories of damages. They can make sure that you don’t miss out. In addition to knowing about the different types of damages that are available, they can help you take the right steps in order to prove your losses in each category. They can help you determine what damages you have under the law and what you can do to prove your losses for your case.

2. An Attorney Knows How to Present the Case

Another reason that you shouldn’t represent yourself in an accident cause is that an experienced attorney knows how to present your case. They know how to build the case from the first day through closing arguments with an eye towards maximizing your recovery. Whether you have to prove who is at fault for your accident or you’re presenting your case to the jury, your legal team has valuable training and experience that you can rely on.

You may need to work with an expert witness to explain technical information. You may need to use the Missouri evidence code in order to present a piece of evidence to the jury. You may need to file a preliminary motion. An experienced attorney knows how to take the strategic steps to build a strong case on your behalf.

3. Their Experience Can Be Your Best Weapon

One of the things you rely on your attorney for is their guidance. They can approach the other side on your behalf to ask for a fair settlement. They have the experience to be able to tell you when it’s a good idea to take a settlement and when you should continue to pursue your case in court. When you have an attorney on your side, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choices as your case moves forward.

Making the Right Choice for Your Accident Case

When you represent yourself in an accident case, you’re taking a risk. You don’t know what you don’t know. With a professional accident attorney team by your side, you have a team of trained professionals to educate you about the legal process and help you reach the best possible outcome for your case.


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