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More ways to save on driving


Fuel prices are slowly going up due to changes to the global market. The running costs of modern cars are already high as it is; the costs are even higher for older cars with bigger engines. At the same time, the prices of highly efficient electric cars have not reached a level that the majority of drivers can afford.

Driving doesn’t have to be unaffordable. By taking a few simple steps, you can keep the cost of driving at a minimum and save money in the process. The tips and tricks we are going to cover in this article will help you get started with saving money on driving right away.

Combine Your Trips

Rather than making several trips throughout the day, it is much more economical to visit a string of destinations in one trip. The car wastes a lot of fuel when the engine is cold. It also takes time for the engine to reach its optimum level after sitting idle for an hour or two. It is easy to see how combining multiple trips into one can save you a lot of money,

All it takes is careful planning. Replace the several trips you make to the grocery store with one by creating a comprehensive shopping list. You can add more destinations to the trip too; a visit to the drug store and the school runs you need to do can be done on the same trip too.

Avoid Traffic

This too is a simple tip you can apply right away. Driving in traffic means sitting still for a long time. The engine is running and it is burning fuel even when you’re not moving. Unless you really have to travel during rush hour or times when there is heavy traffic, it is best to avoid traffic entirely.

Once again, careful planning is the key here. You now have apps like Google Maps and Waze helping you avoid traffic and making planning trips easier. You can select alternative routes too. Going a couple of miles further is still more economical than sitting in stop-and-go traffic for an hour.

Remove Unnecessary Weight

Speedfinal.com, a leading site in car care and automotive-related tips, recommends removing unnecessary weight and drag. You’ll be surprised by how much you can actually save on fuel when you stop carrying the roof rack you don’t use as well as the other extra weight filling the car.

Items like golf clubs, bag of clothes, and car seats add a lot of weight to the car. Most drivers don’t really remove them from the car for convenience. The same can be said for roof racks and ski boxes – yes, that includes the mount for your bicycles.

It may be more convenient to keep them in the car, but it is certainly more economical to remove them. All of these things create drag, which affects the fuel efficiency level of your car substantially.

One last thing: alter your driving style. Accelerate smoothly, avoid breaking if possible, and drive defensively so you can anticipate the cars around you. Combined with the previous tips, you can lower your fuel consumption by as much as 40%.


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