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Preventing a Cat-astrophe


Cats are one of the most popular domestic pets in the world. Cute, playful and at times hilarious, cats have brought joy and laughter to many family homes the world over.

However as a fellow cat owner myself, I can tell you that cats are also a complete red flag when it comes to maintaining your home.

Cats bow to no one, they do what they want when they want. Combine this with their hunting instincts and their tendency to make completely illogical and insane decisions in a moment’s notice; then you have a recipe for complete home antihalation.

Many of you will have heard horror stories of cats and especially kittens exploring their new environments causing destruction and chaos (intentional or not) along the way. From experience I can say that your furniture can be kept safe from kitty’s claws. It’s a simple case of training and if needs be bubble wrapping or even removing your furniture from the room until training is complete. All while providing plenty of scratching points for them.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for your floor. Cats instinctively reveal their claws when they engage in hunting mode. This unfortunately means that your natural hardwood floor will receive serious abuse over the years. The same can be said for vinyl flooring as that horrifying moment a fly or bug gets into the house, and your cats go completely insane trying to get it.

For some it’s a case of just taking the rough with the smooth. However, if you are not currently a cat owner, then you may be able to take steps to protect your flooring.

One such way to protect your floor and the visual appeal of your home is to invest in laminate flooring. This may seem like an extreme measure to take for a cat, however for those of you looking to be cat owners in the long term, this is a measure that I fully endorse.

You see wood laminate flooring is one of the most user-friendly home flooring options on the market today. This is thanks to an easy to install design and limitless customisation, allowing you to replicate the natural charm of hardwood flooring in a style that suits you. Such designs include white, grey and black laminate flooring.

However it is the fantastic user friendliness which makes it a must for pet owners.

Firstly laminate flooring is very hardwearing and scratch resistant. This stems from its layered design, with the printed wood effect placed between a high-density layer and a clear scratch resistant top layer.

This makes it incredibly effective in preventing scratch marks, as well as coping with everyday living room traffic as a bonus. The user friendliness also reaches over into day to day pet life as well. Cats are known to make a mess every now and then, from muddy paw prints, hair, dust and other less pleasant messes.

Yet with oak laminate flooring, you do not need to worry about messy cats as it is designed to be cleaned with ease. It’s as easy as a simple mop and before you know it your floor will be back to showroom condition, with kitties’ little messes being a distant memory.


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