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Dog welfare: How to protect them from accidents, injuries & sickness


Dogs can feel pain just as much as any human, they get involved in accidents, sometimes they get injured and other times they get ill. They are no different from us, that is why they need to be well looked after by their owner. There are many things you can do to help protect your pet, from purchasing pet insurance to taking them to the vet when they need vaccinations. As a dog owner, you must show responsibility and take care of their needs.

Buy Pet Insurance

We buy all kinds of insurance to protect our home, health and vehicles, so why not purchase pet insurance to ensure our dog is well protected from accidents, illness and injuries. The cost of pet insurance in Australia has continued to rise and for good reason. The medical facilities and treatment you’ll encounter in an animal clinic are top-quality, even in comparison to our own hospitals. Many vets across the country provide exceptional treatment plans and facilities when it comes to pet health care, but these services can be costly if you don’t have pet insurance.

Having pet insurance gives you peace of mind, if anything happens to your dog, you know they’ll receive the best treatment available to help them get through their illness or injury. Failing to purchase pet insurance can put your dog at risk, if they need a major operation and you don’t have the finances to fund the procedure, they could miss out on potential lifesaving treatments. Having pet insurance enables owners to save money when their dog gets injured or is taken ill, you won’t have to choose between your own financial situation and the health of your family pet. When you purchase pet insurance you can focus solely on the health of your dog, rather than concerning yourself with monetary issues.

Notice the Signs

It is important to know when your dog needs medical attention, unlike a human they can’t tell you when they aren’t feeling unwell, you must be able to see if they aren’t their usual selves. If you notice a sudden change in their behaviour, they seem more lethargic or they don’t want to play with the kids, there could be something wrong with them. If a dog is in pain, they sometimes change their eating and drinking habits, they’ll leave food in their bowl without touching it or they’ll leave water aside without drinking it. You may still be eating or drinking, but not the same as before, if their appetite changes, it could be a sign something is up. The opposite could also occur, they may drink water excessively, which is unusual behaviour telling you something is wrong.

If your dog is unwell, you’ll immediately notice a change in their behaviour. In general, if a dog is sick they stop exercising or playing with their owners, they can often moan or cry when someone touches them, some dogs even show uncharacteristic levels of aggression towards members of the family or visitors. Some dogs will try to hide when they are sick, they won’t want any attention and will fail to approach you when you enter your home.

Here are some obvious symptoms to look out for when checking to see if your dog is sick or injured.

  • You may notice that they are salivating excessively, which could mean their body is fighting an infection.
  • If you inspect them, you may see that their eyes, ear or nose have some discharge which doesn’t look normal.
  • Your dog may be vomiting quite a lot, which may indicate a bacterial or viral infection.
  • You may have noticed that your pet has diarrhoea and can’t produce solid faeces.
  • Your dog may not be able to go to the toilet.
  • They could be scratching or licking at a specific part of their body which could indicate a wound.
  • You may also have noticed that your dog isn’t walking or running as easily as before, this could be caused by a few things such as an accident or disease.

It is important to keep your dog safe from accidents, illness and injuries. They won’t be able to tell you when something is wrong, so you must read between the lines and recognise when your dog needs medical attention. If anything goes wrong, it is sensible to have pet insurance to guarantee your dog will receive the best possible medical treatments available. They are a valued member of the family who requires special care and attention.


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