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Some top tips you should keep in mind when creating and designing your perfect kitchen

Home & FamilySome top tips you should keep in mind when creating and designing your perfect kitchen

The best kitchen for you is not the one you see in the pages of a magazine – it’s something that’s designed specifically for you and your needs and requirements. Whilst many amazing kitchens are equipped with everything a cook would need and every luxury you can imagine, is it really for you? What’s important is to design your kitchen according to what you require. Even if your kitchen has the latest and most expensive espresso-making machine, for instance, will you really use it if you prefer tea in the morning? The thing about kitchen design that not many realise is that it has to be customised based on what you need and not only on what looks attractive or is trendy. Here are some top tips you should keep in mind when creating and designing your perfect kitchen.

Your kitchen layout

When designing the layout, you should think about your lifestyle. How do you use the space? Do you cook supper every day or have takeaway most of the time? If you cook everyday kitchen splashback tiles provide a long-lasting easy to clean surface from all the grease, water and soap splatter common when cooking regularly. Do you spend time in the kitchen doing paperwork, and is the kitchen the place where everyone eats casual meals? Based on your lifestyle, you can choose an open plan layout, a ‘broken’ plan layout (where the kitchen spaces are semi-separated with either a half-wall or a small sliding door), a U-shaped layout, or another alternative. If you’re thinking of an island or breakfast bar, work with an expert to come up with the ideal location so it doesn’t interrupt the room’s flow. Coming up with the right layout can be easier if you speak with an expert in kitchens such as Splendid SP Kitchens, the popular and reliable kitchen suppliers from Milton Keynes.

Think carefully about what you need

Most kitchens need general elements, such as cabinetry, ovens, and the like. Certain standard elements include wall and base units, kitchen islands, breakfast bars, or worktops; a hob and oven, a sink and tap, a downdraught or ceiling extractor, a pantry, light fixtures, and of course, appliances such as a refrigerator. You can add elements based on what you want, but these are the basic elements every kitchen should have.

Determine your style

Once you’ve finished deciding on the layout and the necessary elements, it’s time to decide on the style. The style of your kitchen will depend on your own preference – but think about practicality as well. For instance, if you have a family with toddlers or young children, you may want easy-to-clean worktops and units. Get inspiration from kitchen design websites as well as kitchen supplier catalogues. Give yourself time to browse through the different styles and designs available, especially since you will have to live with the style of your kitchen for a long time.


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