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How to unclog your toilet


Do you have a clogged toilet? Is water flooding your bathroom? Nothing is more frustrating when you have to deal with the aftermath of the clog. How do you even solve the problem? No worries! Try these easy hacks to get your toilet unclogged.

First, you have to turn off your water valve to stop the flooding. You can find the knob near the base of your toilet. After, turning this off, you can try these solutions:

Baking soda and vinegar
First, you have to assess how much you can put in. If your toilet is already full of water, it is best to start small and repeatedly do it slowly. Add in a little baking soda and then pour in an equal amount of vinegar that is enough to cause a fizzing reaction. Wait for a while until everything settles down and do it all over again. Repeat the sequence about four to five times. Then, pour in a gallon of hot water into the toilet bowl. You should be able to flush the toilet normally.

Hot water and soap
Measure a cup of liquid dishwashing soap and directly pour it into the toilet bowl. Pour in the hot water and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes until the hot water cools down a bit. Then, you can try flushing normally. If your toilet is still clogged, repeat the process again until flushing returns to normal.

Hot water
If you are not experiencing any flooding, you can try boiling a gallon of hot water. Then, pour it directly into the toilet. The hot water might be able to break down the object causing the clog. Repeat as necessary.

Bleach and soap
Combine bleach with liquid dishwashing liquid. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and try flushing. You can use this method if the toilet is not full and you do not fear that overflowing will occur.

Cut a wire hanger and straighten it out. Wear rubber gloves and plunge the wire hanger into the toilet. Move it around to break up the object clogging up your toilet. Then, try flushing the toilet.

Of course, you can use a plunger. Make sure that you have enough water in the bowl just enough to fully cover the suction cup of the plunger. If there is not enough water, pour in hot water. Then, you can proceed to pump the plunger in an up and down motion. Afterwards, you can try to flush the toilet.

Call in the experts
It is better for you to call a professional plumber so that they can thoroughly assess your toilet. You never know if there is anything broken, damaged or not in place. Let the experts take a look at it so that you are assured that there is nothing wrong with your toilet. Doing the above steps will be pointless if your toilet has a broken part in the first place. Check out a plumber in Sevenoaks if you live in the area. They can help you and properly advise you on what you need to do.


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