Orchid is one of the most diverse plants of our planet; this flower has about 30 thousand kinds. Many flower lovers want to grow this plant at home, but not all of them know how to grow an orchid at home, how to choose it correctly when buying and carry out transplant and multiplication. On the site Getpotted.com, you can choose these stunning flowers, there are not only orchids, but also different pots for them. You can be sure that you are buying a healthy and strong flower and a quality pot for it.

Orchid is a capricious and delicate flower, which requires the creation of certain conditions for it. Nevertheless, care for orchids at home is not difficult, if you know exactly what to do and what do orchids need. Before buying, you should carefully inspect the roots of the plant, which is very clearly visible through the transparent walls of the pot.

These plants reproduce relatively easily. In order to make a full flower in the future, it is necessary to know some basic ways of its reproduction. For properly care for the orchid at home, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of this flower and its needs. Growing an orchid is a real flowery art, and here there is a lot of useful and more detailed information. There are several main points for caring for this exquisite and incredible flower:

  • Care of the orchid after flowering is not particularly difficult. At this time, watering is reduced and feeding is reduced. If a transplant was performed, then flowering may not be within a year. To restore flowering, the pot with the orchid needs to be moved to another place. It is possible that the permutation will have to be carried out several times, until the necessary comfort conditions are created. In this case, there will be constant and regular flowering.
  • Pots for transplantation are better to choose new, there should be holes in their walls. Capacity should be washed well, and if necessary – boiled to destroy possible pests. Yu do need to spend a lot of time looking for a pot, beautiful, comfortable and practical pots are available at the online store Getpotted.com.
  • In spring and summer, with active growth, the orchid should receive as much as possible direct sunlight. In this period, there is a new growth until the opening of flower buds in the autumn period. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure sufficient watering. A humid atmosphere should be maintained around the orchids, by spraying the leaves with warm water. When flowering begins to end, you do not need to hurry to cut it. For some time, it will be an additional source of nutritious juices for the flower. When the flower withers and turns yellow, you can cut it.
  • It is very important to properly prepare the substrate. You can buy a ready mix in the store, but you can prepare it yourself. As a rule, the mixture includes peat, chopped fern roots, fallen leaves (except willow), charcoal and pine bark. With proper preparation of the substrate, there is no need for additional feeding.
  • During the development period, the flower requires the duration of a day of light, ranging from 12 to 15 hours. In winter, the lack of natural light is compensated by the artificial light of fluorescent lamps. Lighting should be bright, but diffuse, you should avoid direct sunlight on the flower. In such cases, add a shadow, otherwise it can just burn.

There are many other useful tips and recommendations about what do orchids need, to help your flower to be healthy and have regular flowering. This is a very refined flower, so it requires special attention and care. If you decide to grow this flower, then you need to have patience.


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