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Don’t get wrecked twice: Being prepared for court during an accident case is vital

Home & FamilyDon't get wrecked twice: Being prepared for court during an accident case is vital

When you’re hurt in an accident, the responsible party’s fault may be obvious. Even if that’s the case, it’s still crucial to prepare for court. Preparing for court can mean the difference between getting the justice that you deserve and being blindsided by an incorrect verdict. Here’s why it’s so important to be prepared for court in an accident case:

It’s up to you to present the evidence

The judge is in charge of the trial, but it’s still up to you to present the evidence that proves the case. You need to choose what witnesses to call, what questions to ask them and what pieces of evidence you need to pursue your claim. While a lawyer for car crash injuries can help you present your case, the judge doesn’t help even when the facts are obviously on your side. Preparing for court is the only way to present the evidence that you need to succeed at trial.

You must object to evidence from the other side

Just as the judge doesn’t help you present your case, they also don’t help you object to the evidence presented by the other side. If the defense tries to present evidence that’s inadmissible under Florida’s court rules for admitting evidence, it’s up to you to ask the court to exclude the evidence from the jury’s eyes and ears. Preparing for trial in advance can give you an idea of what evidence the other side may try to admit and what you can do to object to inadmissible evidence that isn’t helpful to your case.

There are rules about presenting documents in court

Admitting a piece of evidence in court isn’t as easy as holding it up and telling the jury what it’s about. In fact, presenting a document in evidence at court can be quite technical. Some documents aren’t admissible at all because they may contain hearsay statements from witnesses. Photographs need to be identified by someone who can personally testify to what they show. Other documents like public records may be admissible without explanation if they contain a public seal. It’s important to understand the rules for admitting documents before your case goes to trial so that you can ask the right questions and ultimately admit the documents at trial.

You must prove each element of the claim

To win an accident case, you must prove each part of the claim. In an accident case, that might mean providing the elements of negligence like duty, breach, causation and damages. If your case is based on reckless or intentional conduct, the things you have to prove may be different. It’s important to prepare for court in order to make sure that you have evidence to prove each element of your case.

A failure to plan can make your case fail

The jury looks at the evidence that they see and hear at trial. They don’t have outside information to make their decision. That makes it critically important to prepare for court in advance and thoroughly plan out the case you plan to present. Careful preparation can help the jury understand what happened and ultimately arrive at a fair verdict.


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