Prom is a critical moment in every girl’s life. It’s her first big dance; she can dress up, have fun with her friends, and have fun. By supporting her and helping her have the best time possible, you can become part of this big day and help her have a great time on her own terms. There is no wrong or right way to do prom, only the best way to do it for her. That’s why you should follow these tips to help your daughter have the best prom experience she can have.

Help Her Find the Perfect Prom Dress

The first step towards any successful prom experience is to find the perfect dress. No matter your daughter’s style, she should be the one to dictate which dress is right for her. This could be a traditional prom dress that mimics the ball-room style, or you could look into fun short prom dresses similar to what is available at Regardless of what your daughter’s sense of style is, you can save money and find the perfect dress together by simply shopping online. Always use a reputable company, read reviews, and ensure that there is a simple returns policy if you need to take something back. It is always better to pick up a few dresses online, try them on and see which is best, and send the rest back than it is to settle on something just because it was available in store.

Prom Party Ideas

Now that she has the perfect dress, it’s time to plan a party. This is particularly important if her friend’s parents are stricter and won’t allow this. You can host the before, or after party (or both) and doing so will help you make sure they are staying safe and having fun at the same time. To create the perfect prom party, all you need is a few simple decorations, some music, and some snacks and bite-size easy foods to keep them happy. If the day is warm, this could mean transforming the backyard into a dream wonderland, easily achieved with outdoor lights, a Bluetooth speaker, and perhaps some candles.

How to Help Her Take the Perfect Prom Photos

No prom is a prom without prom photos, which is why one of the best ways you can really make her prom party special is to work with her to create a fun DIY photo booth for her and her friends. This will require that you make a fun backdrop and that you pick up some fun props she and her friends can pose with. To make things even easier, get a phone tripod set up so that they can take group photos with ease. This means less work for you, and the more grown-up they can feel themselves.

Prom should be a fun experience, which is why you should do a lot of mother-daughter bonding activities in the lead up to it. Work on planning the party together, finding the dress together, and even doing some prep work like getting your nails done. It’s a great way to bond and make the experience more special for her, so start preparing!


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