Fencing is composed of different materials, and although wood has been used since time immemorial, there are now other materials which are available as well. But which of these materials is best for your property? This wide range of materials can make it harder to make a decision, especially if you want your fence to last but be attractive and beautiful at the same time. You want a fence that will keep your property secure and its occupants safe, but you also want a fence that serves to enhance the beauty of your domain. So, what should you know about the different choices out there? Here’s an in-depth look at your choices when it comes to fencing for your property.


Vinyl is a fairly recent addition, and it comes in different styles and colours. The advantage of vinyl is that it doesn’t need to be repainted, and it’s durable, too – it doesn’t warp, rot, blister, or split. Keeping a vinyl fence clean is also easy; all it needs is water and a sponge if there are any dirty spots. But there are certain disadvantages to vinyl as well. For one, not many homeowners are attracted to its look because it doesn’t have the natural beauty of wood. Also, vinyl can be damaged by high winds or a strongly-kicked ball. When vinyl fencing is damaged, it can be repaired by repainting and sanding (for minor cracks and holes), but more major damage would probably need replacement of a component. Vinyl fencing is more complex to install as it requires rails that are attached with special tools or brackets, and the posts often need reinforcement from metal or concrete. Vinyl can also be quite expensive and it’s not friendly to the environment. In fact, it’s difficult to recycle.


Metal has long been used as a material for fencing, especially the ornamental kind. It comes in different styles, which makes it ideal for different homes or properties, and it is also easy to maintain. Today, metal fencing comes in materials such as galvanised steel or aluminium or cast iron. To maintain metal fencing, all you need to do is hose it down, although if rust develops, this can be treated or brushed off, or the metal can be repainted. But just like other materials, there are some drawbacks to metal fencing as well. It can, for instance, be difficult and complex to repair if it is damaged, and rust can develop over time, making the metal fencing look unattractive and dilapidated.


Everyone knows how beautiful wooden fencing can be, and nothing beats the look and beauty of real wood, as the specialists from AB Fencing, which supplies premier fence panels in Gloucestershire, will confirm. They are also available in a variety of styles and designs and can be either stained or painted in various colours. For durability and longevity, you can opt for wood that is pressure-treated, especially when it comes to structural components. The great aspect about wood is not just its natural beauty – it is also less expensive compared to other materials. If a wooden fence is properly built and maintained, it can definitely last for decades.


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