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Fact: Anyone can learn a language – with the right system!


Learning a Language is Hard… Unless You Have the Right System

There is a pervasive language myth out there. Anyone that has tried learning a new language has heard it, or perhaps believes it…

The myth is that learning a language is HARD.

Of course, if you ask anyone who’s used OptiLingo and its revolutionary Guided Immersion methodwhether learning a language is hard, you will get a resounding “NO.”

How do we know?

Founder and CEO, Jonty Yamisha, offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Due to the thunderous success of this language education program, there hasn’t been a single request for a money-back return… ever. If you’re serious about language learning, then OptiLingo and his learning method is the right system for you.

At 30 Years Old, Jonty was Monolingual

That’s right, at age 30, the language platform’s founder, Jonty Yamisha, only knew one language – English. Not only did Jonty have zero desire to teach languages, he wasn’t qualified to do so. Up until that point, Jonty had built a successful design startup company out of his Vassar dorm room (it generated over one million dollars in its first year). Later, Jonty was a successful executive for a major Fortunate 500 company. He was building and selling startups on the side, just for fun. He had never even considered to teach languages or become a language activist for that matter.

But that is precisely what he’s become.

At 30 years old, Jonty experienced a kind of breakdown. Although he had a fulfilling job and was happily married with great kids, he sensed something wasn’t quite right. He wanted to learn a language, but not just any language – Jonty wanted to learn Circassian, one of the world’s most ancient and complex languages.

Why the impulse to learn Circassian?

The desire to learn this ancient language can be sourced to Jonty’s youth. After fleeing the Golan Heights of Syria, Jonty’s parents escaped to the United States as refugees. Like many other Circassians, Jonty’s parents could not read or write the language of their birth. However, they continued to speak their native language at home while Jonty was growing up. However, Jonty never learned a single word of Circassian.

Although Jonty was involved in the Circassian community growing up, it wasn’t until he was an adult that he craved a deeper connection to his ethnic heritage and the Circassian language.

While Learning an Ancient Language, Jonty Unearths a Secret…

Jonty canvassed every Circassian language resource material he could find; however, the resources were only in Arabic or Russian – languages he did not speak. Ramping up his efforts, Jonty decided to study how the best in their fields learn languages, that is the process of learning a language itself.

After taking workshops and courses from any resource he could find, including specialized language classes from the U.N. and Peace Corps, Jonty unlocked a secret to how we learn languages. It’s this secret that Jonty wanted to share with anyone who cared to listen, and intern fulfill their own desire to learn a new language.

The secret surprised him. Unlike other educational methods that relied on rote memorization of vocabulary and grammar, Jonty discovered key strategies that would enable anyone to learn any language, from Circassian and Russian to French and Farsi.

As the world is more connected, people are hungrier than ever to learn about other languages and cultures. While most people have taken classes in French, German, or Spanish in high school, few reached a level of achievement that allows them to communicate with natives. In fact, the experience of learning languages, whether in high school or through the variety of learning programs out there, has discouraged many people from pursuing their language studies. The result? Many people believe that they don’t have the chops to learn a language, or that simply – learning a language is too hard.

With the new knowledge Jonty uncovered, he firmly believed that it was information worth sharing and not something he should keep to himself. That’s when his method to learning languages was born.

A Revolutionary (and deceptively simple) Way to Learn a Language

Until today, language learners have been taught that the way to learn a language is to memorize long lists of vocabulary or grammatical rules. However, Jonty discovered that the best way to learn a language is to use the same methods we learned as toddlers; when we learned to speak our very first language.

How do toddlers learn language? They listen to the native speakers around them and learn what to say to get what they want, whether that be food or a hug. Jonty synthesized our early language education strategies into a system he calls, “Guided Immersion.” Jonty built upon the essence of how toddlers learn with state-of-the-art language learning research. From there, Jonty embedded language words and phrases into everyday contexts that would feel relevant to adults.

With the course program, students listen as native speakers communicate using high-frequency words, that is, words that are used most often in speech. Learning high frequency words is highly effective. According to researchers, learning just 13 of the most frequently used words will enable students to read 25% of any text and learning 100 high frequency words lends to comprehension of 50% of text, from a children’s story to an academic article. When presenting these high frequency key words within everyday expressions as they are spoken by native speakers, students quickly understand what they hear and are understood when they speak.

Anyone Can Learn a New Language

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from; with this program, anyone can learn a new language in a matter of hours. Utilized by people across the world, learning a variety of languages from French and Spanish to Circassian to Russian, this program and method is a remarkable tool to enable anyone to learn a new language in hours, not years – in fact, you can even start speaking your new language today.


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