Maintaining your car is so important for ever car owner. You can extend the life of your car just by following a few simple tips. Make sure you have a maintenance schedule in your car so you won’t forget to make sure your car is up to date on all its maintenance to avoid hefty bills later on. This will also ensure your car runs with its best performance.

The best thing you can do for your car and your pocket is preventative maintenance. This will help to increase the life of the car and save on bigger repairs that can see you without a car for a while. If your book tells you to do certain maintenance at a particular time be sure to do it never ignore it. If you don’t have a maintenance schedule you can check your manual which will give you an idea what has to be done when.

Here are a few maintenance tips that can be easily done:

  • Check over your air filters
  • Check your fluid levels often like coolant and oil
  • Check your battery for corrosion or poor connections
  • Change the spark plugs
  • Rotate your tires and get a wheel alignment
  • Clean your wiper blades often and replace if needed
  • Check your cooling system is working to its full potential
  • Drive carefully
  • Clean your engine exterior
  • Protect your headlights with special sprays and keep clean at all times
  • Look after your interior by using car seat covers

Windshield replacement:

If you find a small crack in your windshield get it seen to as soon as possible often they can be fixed on the spot and it doesn’t take long. It will cost a quarter of what a full windshield replacement will cost if it gets worse or smashes all together. Not to mention all the glass everywhere in the car is a huge hazard to everyone in the car and a big mess to clean up.

A lot of our time is spent in the car so be sure to carry out maintenance when needed to keep it running at its best performance. It seems logical to follow the maintenance schedule, they wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t important to do those things on your car. Once a year it is a good idea to book your car in for a service where the mechanic will look over your car and check for any problems. If problems are small they can be fixed before they turn into a huge problem which is time consuming and very costly.

Cars are costly to buy they are not given out for free. By keeping it running smoothly will keep the car happy and without problems and you will fee stress free knowing you can rely on your car. Being without a car is far more stressful and overwhelming than making a few repairs when they are needed.


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