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Online estate agents: A wise choice for sellers


There are many reasons why homeowners choose to sell their homes. Perhaps it is because they want to move up and progress on the property ladder. Regardless of the reason for selling, the process involves several steps that require the assistance of a professional estate agent.

Currently, there are two options available. Sellers can choose a traditional high-street agent or an online estate agent. In recent years, online estate agents gave grown in popularity. There is no surprise in this trend because there are significant benefits to using an online estate agent.

You will pay less

When you realise that it will cost less if you hire an online estate agent, it is often enough to convince you. The question is, why does it cost less with an online estate agent? The simple answer to this is that most online services do not charge a commission upon selling your property. So even if your property is worth £150,000 or £2.5mill, you will pay the same amount. Compare this to traditional high-street agents that will charge you a commission of 1% to 2% of the sale price and it’s a no-brainer.

Online estate agents require the fixed fee to be paid up front. If you are looking for a more flexible option, you can find companies such as Yopa and House Network estate agent who provide some online estate agents providing alternative payment options.

Variety of options for the seller

Online estate agents offer sellers a variety of packages which gives them an opportunity to find one that is suitable to their needs. For example, you can get a package that includes property description and floor plans. For an extra fee, some online sellers offer the option to create a 3D virtual tour of your property. Other extras included are: “for sale” board signs, help from a progression team, Energy Performance Certificates, and premium listings. If you know your way around a negotiation, you might even get these add-ons at a lower price.

Greater control

Another benefit of an online estate agent is that you will have greater control over the sale process. This option is perfect for homeowners who want to conduct the viewings themselves. The online estate agent will be responsible for scheduling the viewings and informing you of the schedule. There are even apps and online dashboards where the seller can manage the viewing schedules and track the progress of the sale.

Getting the right valuation

The most important factor that has a large impact on how soon you will be able to sell your home is the valuation of your property. One of the services online estate agents offer is a free home valuation. While this may sound like a great deal, you have to make sure that the estate agent provides you with a local expert who knows the real market value of your home. This is your best chance of getting the right price and benefiting from the sale.

No restrictions or contracts

Another significant difference between a high-street agent and an online estate agent is that the seller is not restricted when it comes to using multiple estate agents at the same time. With an online estate agent, the seller can employ the services of more than one firm because there is no set time frame or contract to adhere to.


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