Touch-light LED features might be flashier than some people like. Fuzzy dice aren’t for everyone. And some of us think that those truck nuts are just the stupidest thing we’ve ever seen. But there’s one accessory that just about everyone in the world can agree is the one thing that we all need for our cars and trucks, whether we’re talking about people who have been on the road for years or CA teen drivers signing up for their first driver education course, and that is the Drop Stop.

Featured on Shark Tank, this is the simplest invention we’ve ever seen. So simple that we wonder why it hasn’t already been in existence since the advent of the modern car seat, and we wonder why it’s not featured as a standard feature in every new car rolled off the line. All it is a kind of pillow that you tuck between your car seat and the center console. That’s it. Now when your wallet or phone or a packet of peanuts spills out of your pocket, it stays in your seat, it doesn’t slide under the seat leaving you to dig around with one hand while trying to keep the other one on the wheel.

We don’t want to say that you’re one of those unsafe drivers who bends down to play hide and seek with your phone while you’re on the road going fifty-five, sixty-five miles an hour, but we will say that if you are, then this little gimmick is probably going to save your life. For the rest of us, it’s just going to make life a little easier.

Think of everything you’ve lost under there. If you drop a french fry on your seat, that’s no big deal. Dust if off and you’re good. But if you drop it under the seat, well, that’s a french fry you’re never going to eat. And what about loose change? You want to go digging around under there and scrape your hands up on all the metal parts for thirty-five cents in nickels and pennies? The seat gap has long plagued drivers the world over. It’s a pain in the neck having to pull over to dig stuff out of there or being forced to play around under your seat with your hands before sticking the vacuum under there at the car wash. With the Drop Stop, you can forget about all of that. You can drop whatever you like in your seat, and in your seat it will stay.If we’re making this sound like a revolutionary new product, well, it’s not like you couldn’t take a hand towel and stuff it in there, but a hand towel always winds up being shaken loose, and then that’s one of the things you must dig out from under your seat, too. The Drop Stop has a neat design that fits around the seatbelt and stays put until you’re ready to pull it out yourself. It goes to show what you can do by taking a basic idea and giving it a very smart design to solve a common problem.

The device comes in one-packs, so you’ll need to buy two if you want to cover both sides. But you know what? Your passenger can just try to be more careful with their wallet and loose change next time. Or maybe they can offer to drive for once in their lives.


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