Weddings are a joyous occasion that sees two families united through a couple choosing to come together and celebrate their love on a special day or in some cultures, over several days. Surrounded by their families and friends the couple vows to stand by each other for better or worse and afterwards it’s common tradition to celebrate with everyone involved.

Another common tradition is the giving of gifts to the couple. In some world regions, the couple is gifted money, while in others, gifts are given that are intended to help the couple start their new life together. If you have some special people in your life that are due to get married soon, consider the following gifts that offer something a bit different to the usual slow cookers and kettles;

Personalised Star Map

Everyone loves to stargaze and if you know a couple that is strongly into star watching or astronomy, a personalised star map makes for the ideal wedding gift. Supplying the longitude and latitude, postcode or town and the date of the wedding, you’ll be returned a star map of the sky exactly as it appeared at the supplied time – the time the couple made their vows or the time they had their first dance for example. Some places allow you to add a dedicated message or caption to the image, which displays a huge number of stars and makes for a beautiful keepsake from their special event.

Luxury Jewellery

Jewellery can play a huge part for the couple on their big day, whether it’s the accessories they wear or the rings they exchange to represent their vows to each other. Gifting the couple luxury designer jewellery offers them both a beautiful, potentially matching, set of keepsakes that they can wear for special occasions in the future. See here for some examples of groom’s gifts, including tasteful designer bracelets, novelty cufflinks or classy pocket watches. For the bride, consider some glittering gemstone earrings or a precious metal necklace.

Handmade Gift

Are you a crafty or creative person? Wedding gifts can be the perfect time to make something sentimental that the couple can use or display in their home. Pinterest can be a fantastic resource for finding something to craft, some favourite ideas include; couple’s vows or first dance lyrics displayed as a book within a 3D frame, custom illustration of the couple or a personalised print with date and location of their wedding day.

Experience Days

Holidays can be expensive, especially when you’ve just put together a major event like a wedding and had a honeymoon to pay for. Give the couple something to look forward to with an experience day, go for something unique like a day of blacksmithing or glassblowing lesson or something to taste like a gin making day or craft beer tasting experience. Alternatively, give them the gift of something truly unique before their big day with a make your own wedding ring experience day.

Offer to Gift a Wedding Service

Weddings don’t come cheap, even when trying to work within a strict budget. If you aren’t sure the best gift to offer the couple or know that they could use some financial assistance with their big day, consider offering to pay for a portion of the wedding service, for example, the flowers, catering or photographer/videographer.

With the summer season of weddings coming to a close, you may not have many left to attend before the year is out however we hope to have offered some inspiration for the next wedding invitation you might have. Of course, any of the above ideas also work well for any big celebration, like a baby shower, retirement or even a milestone birthday event.


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