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Things you can tidy up and clean up at home during confinement


We are facing a minimum of two weeks without leaving home to overcome together the delicate health situation in which we find ourselves because of the spread of the coronavirus and far from falling apart, what we would like is to be able to seek as positive an approach as possible. Many of us will be teleworking these days, watching that series we had pending for some time, reading several books and doing many other things, but we can also use the time to tidy up and clean up a lot of things.

I see three advantages to this proposal: on the one hand, we will be busier for as long as the confinement lasts, on the other hand, we will improve the atmosphere of our home every day so that it is a more pleasant space in which to endure the isolation and finally, when all this is over, we will have a much better house than it was on the first day of this crisis, which, sooner or later, will become just a bad nightmare.

The house itself

The windows: these days we are going to need to maximize the flow of natural light and look much more than usual outside, so I would start by reviewing windows and frames, so that the glass is bright and the windowsill is in a position to lean on it to get some fresh air whenever possible.

The terrace: if you have any outdoor space, however small, will clearly be your great ally these days. It is time to clean it thoroughly and prepare it to go out for coffee, read a book or enjoy the environment for a while every day. If you have already furnished it better than better, if not taking advantage of the good weather you can take out some chairs or stools, some outdoor furniture or even a floor cushion.

The doors: we can give them a thorough cleaning, disinfect knobs and handles and even review them with a wood repairer if they have lost their color in any area.

The floor: you have to include it in the daily disinfection routine but for that it is important to get it is in good condition and you can take the opportunity to check the floors, especially if they are wooden floors, and fix small damages or plan future repairs if necessary.

The details

The washing machine: let’s take advantage of it to thoroughly clean the door, the rubbers and, above all, the box in which we put the soap and the fabric softener, which is often neglected due to lack of time.

The cables: you can take a look at all that tangle of cables you have in the living room this week to dust them off and at the same time to leave them more organised so that they never get so tangled again.

The first aid kit: you have been saving medicines that you have not used for a long time, as it happens to all of us, check the expiry dates of all of them and separate those that should not be used anymore to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Tile joints: if you don’t have a bleach solution at home, maybe you can buy one on one of the food breaks? In older bathrooms, bleaching the joints helps to achieve a good, renovated look without the need for building work. It’s a task of patience, but time is what we have left at home now.

Kitchen accessories: if you take out everything you have stored in the kitchen furniture, I’m sure you’ll find accessories that you didn’t remember you had either, a chocolate fountain that was given to you when you opened the apartment, a machine to make cupcakes, maybe some baking tins with an original shape? These days we can take advantage of them because we also have time for recipes we always thought we would make one day.


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