Popcorn is one of the classic snacks when going to the movies or preparing a marathon series at home. However, their reputation for healthiness is not very good.

Keep in mind that the popcorn you buy to make in the microwave, depending on the brand and the ingredients you add to it, can be more or less healthy. Most manufacturers add excessive fats, salt, additives and preservatives that our bodies find difficult to process.

So, just by taking into account the ingredients or preparing the popcorn at home, this snack can become a source of energy with health benefits.

The health benefits of popcorn can be found in one of its components: polyphenols, a substance that has great antioxidant properties, according to the European Food Information Council (EUFIC).

A study by University of Scranton researchers found that popcorn had a good concentration of polyphenols. The research suggests that the amount of polyphenols found in popcorn is up to 300 mg per serving. By comparison, a serving of sweet corn has 114 mg and a piece of fruit has 160 mg.

However, the way they are prepared has a considerable influence on their properties. For example, microwave popcorn has about 43% fat, compared to 28% fat for homemade popcorn, according to the study, collected by the American Chemical Society.

So to make popcorn a healthy snack, it’s best to make it homemade. To do this, just add the corn to a pan smeared with a few drops of olive oil. When the popcorn starts to explode, lower the temperature until the cooking is complete. A little salt can be added to make them more tasty.

Also, keep in mind that although popcorn is healthy and contains a higher concentration of polyphenols than fruits or vegetables, it should not be replaced, since fresh fruits and vegetables have essential vitamins and nutrients for the body that are not present in popcorn.


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