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Harsh criticism of youtuber Myka Stauffer who has decided to ‘relocate’ her adopted son

Home & FamilyHarsh criticism of youtuber Myka Stauffer who has decided to 'relocate' her adopted son

Critics accuse her of “profiting” from the child and his condition on his YouTube channel for years and getting rid of him when it suits him

When adoptions, especially international ones, fail (6-11%, especially for children over 5 years old), the procedure is the same as if a biological child were abandoned: it is the adoptive parents who have to find a new home for the child, or look for resources that can make this possible (adoption agencies, local governments).

That’s what youtuber and “mommy blogger” Myka Stauffer has done, revolutionizing her followers on social networks by “giving back” her 4-year-old son Huxley, who was adopted in China, because he has autism.

She has confirmed the story on YouTube, claiming that the decision would have been made because the child had “special needs that they didn’t know about”. They had confirmed that the little boy had autism and a brain tumor, but according to them, that was all.

“We have some very bad days. I look for help and sometimes I cry. One thing I know for sure: Huxley doesn’t go a day without being loved unconditionally,” wrote Myka in The Bump , just a few months ago, “Adoption is love. It takes a lot of courage, sweat and tears, but it’s worth it in the end. Even if that ending seems different from what you had planned, remember, ‘different’ is not a bad thing. It seems that being ‘different’ is what I could have done with them.

Myka adds that she feels “a failure as a mother,” especially since she’s getting all kinds of harassment on social networks because of the decision they’ve made. Even so, they have not wanted to reveal the exact reason for the child’s “move” to protect his privacy.


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