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Family Coworking: benefits for parents with children


The balance between professional and personal life brings happiness to families. But this balance is not always easy to achieve. Nor is it easy to achieve when working from home and teleworking is marked by constant interruptions or difficulties in organizing the schedule. Well, there are professional spaces that offer an answer to the needs of parents: family coworkings.

A coworking space is a shared work environment. A space in which each protagonist carries out his or her professional activity during a specific time of the week. In other words, one of the advantages of this environment is flexibility. Coworking spaces have experienced significant growth in cities, but it is also important to highlight the presence of these businesses in rural environments. The possibility of teleworking offers new possibilities in a life project that may involve moving to a town where you can start a new stage of life.

The coworker has access to a comfortable and well-lit professional office. But, in addition to this, he also has other added services. A coworker can differentiate himself by addressing a family audience. In that case, the professionals who hire this option are parents who work from home. The coworking space has professionals who take care of the children in a day-care center. This is a service that offers personalized attention since the groups are small.

What are the advantages of a family coworking?

First of all, the proximity between the office and the place where the child is. This proximity is especially important when the child is an infant. Such a space is generally intended for families with children up to 3 years old.

The professional hires a coworking service at a specific time depending on his/her needs. This flexibility in the planning of the schedule means savings compared to other alternatives such as renting your own office.

This form of organization, in turn, also favors the concentration on the professional who remains attentive to his agenda of the day. One of the keys to a family coworking space is that it harmonizes the professional and personal aspects in a place with areas perfectly adapted to meet the essential needs in each area.

A family coworking also offers benefits that the worker can consider from the labor point of view. For example, meeting other coworkers breaks the possible feeling of loneliness that some people have when they work regularly from their homes. In a coworking, professionals with different profiles coincide and form a multidisciplinary and creative group.


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