It’s very fashionable and I’m sure you’ve heard about it countless times. But do you know exactly what home staging is? We tell you about it and also how you can use it to get the most out of your home. But that’s not all: if you are thinking of selling or renting a home, home staging services can help you do it advantageously and in half the time. Take note of everything you need to consider.

What is home staging

I’m sure your house has many possibilities that you don’t know how to see and there are unused corners, dark spaces, old-fashioned decoration… when in reality the potential it holds is enormous. If you want to make it a dazzling home, write down these two words in English: home staging. This is the name of a “professional” interior decoration service that serves, precisely, to transform spaces through the appropriate use of interior design. Home staging is the tuning up of a house, prepared to make it more attractive and functional. Decorators are dedicated to this work, although you can also do it yourself, if you master the techniques and handle the main aesthetic rules with ease.

Home staging, a technique to sell faster and better

Do you have a second home that you need to sell or rent as soon as possible? Do you want it to look newer, bigger, brighter, more modern? How do you use home staging in this case? As a marketing technique. That is to say, you can prepare and decorate the apartment in question to achieve a double objective, on the one hand to give an excellent image of the apartment through a report with photographs that will be published in real estate portals or websites, and on the other hand you will get a brand new look when showing the house to potential buyers. This will “revalue” the price and shorten the time of sale or rent.

How to achieve a Wow!

According to experts, the initial minute and a half in a visit is decisive for potential buyers or tenants to decide. The “crush” doesn’t take much longer, that’s why the first impression is so important.
So what is it that must be taken into account in home staging to hit the bull’s-eye?

These are the details that count

  • Decorate with clear and neutral colors. The ideal is that the greatest number of people are attracted to the house and a neutral decoration, with colors such as white, cream, gray, are perfect. These colors add light and provide a sense of relief, and therefore, more spaciousness. The square meters “stretch” with this simple trick.
  • It is basic to furnish the house to achieve a warm and homely effect, but without overdoing it. What does this mean? Furniture gives that good feeling, but excess causes chaos, a perception of variegation, of little mobility. Old-fashioned furniture, loud colors… will generate a very negative opinion. You have to choose, on the contrary, simple, beautiful and basic design elements that don’t take away from what is important, that is, the available space.
  • De-personalize the interiors in order to have access to a larger group of interested people. The buyer should get the idea that “this apartment is for me”, therefore in the home staging is dispensed with personal objects such as photos, religious or political symbols, stuffed animals, travel souvenirs …
  • Yes to carpets, cushions, mirrors… A well-dressed house gains a lot of life and all these complements bring dynamism and the comfort of a lived space. Choose them with timeless designs, cheerful colors and, above all, lightness.
  • Cleanliness, neatness and good light are basic. The house should not only be clean, but also take care of every detail. A mop outside the cleaning tool cabinet, for example, a splashing mirror, even a light bulb with a dim light… create a very bad effect and take away many points.

In short, hiring a home staging service is an excellent idea if we want to get the best out of the house we live in, or if we want to put a property up for sale. The investment is not excessive (depending on whether reforms, painting, etc. are included), as it is well recovered and can increase the sale price by 10-20%.The decoration of a house must “move emotions” and something well introduced is always a guarantee of success.


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