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Marble furniture is a great resource to raise the status of any corner of the house

Home & FamilyMarble furniture is a great resource to raise the status of any corner of the house

The black marble finish, we remind you, (it doesn’t have to be marble but porcelain – cheaper and more suffered – than the original), goes from the kitchen and the bathroom to the rest of the house through furniture and accessories that incorporate this finish to a greater or lesser extent.

The trend of marble and natural stone came first to kitchen countertops with the finish of carrara marble, (in white with light betas). This finish still reigns in the kitchen, but in recent times, the other natural stone finishes such as green or black marbles, and even onyx have also reached the kitchens and bathrooms.

Black marbe table

The curious thing is that while white marble is suitable for elegant dining tables, kitchens and bathrooms, the black marble finish is reaching more places than the first one. There may be several reasons that justify this greater impact. On the one hand, black marble with white and/or golden beads is not as cold as white marble and on the other hand, black marble in decoration -as in fashion- is elegant and easy to combine, which when transferred to an interior, achieves an elegant effect that raises the category of any corner where you place it.


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