As with most technological devices, proper maintenance is vital for air conditioning equipment. Thus, it is convenient to remember that a simple cleaning can bring not only benefits to our health, but also to our pocket. The life of our equipment is extended, delaying a new investment and contributing to the reduction of our ecological footprint on the planet.

The end of a season or the change from heat to cold, or from cold to heat, is the ideal time to check that everything is going well. In this process there will be several elements to take into account, and the adjustment of some of them, should be left in the hands of a professional.

The importance of the filters

Has it ever happened to you that your air conditioning emits bad odors? In almost all cases, it is probably due to the filters.

For its normal operation, the air conditioning machines make pass a flow of air through some filters. Eventually, dust particles and other substances such as pollens accumulate in these objects to prevent them from flooding the environment of the conditioned area or room. For this reason, it is very convenient to clean it periodically (at least twice a year). Its cleaning provides multiple benefits:

  • Prevents the appearance of bad odors.
  • It avoids the generation of any type of humidity or fungus.
  • It obtains a more purified and clean air.
  • It favors the economic saving, since when the filters are dirty, the machines of air conditioning need greater energy to work and therefore they consume more.
  • It favours the energetic saving prolonging the useful life of the equipment and carrying out an appropriate consumption of energy.

Cleaning the filters is usually very simple. The vast majority of manufacturers produce equipment that facilitates the disassembly of these, precisely to facilitate the work of users. You can use warm water or even use a small vacuum cleaner. In case the dust does not disappear easily, use some kind of neutral soap. Never use abrasive products. Then let them dry and reassemble them normally.

What about the outdoor unit?

The forgotten one. Usually located on terraces and balconies, it goes unnoticed and is not cleaned for years, sometimes even never.

Its maintenance is also convenient since it is the unit in charge of expelling the hot air to the outside and, being in contact with the outside, it usually gets dirty and dusty very easily.

Simply vacuum or clean the accumulated dust, especially on the fan side. The aim is to encourage the movement of the blades. There is no need to dismantle any components, or separate parts or other components.

Duct systems

In the case of zoning systems, maintenance is practically non-existent. Fortunately, it’s limited to simply wiping the grids with a duster or cloth to remove dust, as is the case with any other surface.

In general terms, by following these tips you can enjoy clean, quality air and avoid over-consumption. However, we recommend that you consult your manufacturer’s manuals to consider all the functions and requirements of your unit. Information is never too much.


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