It may seem silly, but the placement of tiles in a bathroom or kitchen can be essential when it comes to bringing personality to a space. In this post we will show you some alternatives for the placement of the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, keep reading and learn more details!

1- Laying of horizontal running joints.

This type of placement is the one that arranges the tiles one behind the other and aligned horizontally. They are placed in a straight line one after the other. The sensation they transmit is one of order, amplitude and harmony. This is one of the most common ways of placing tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.

2 – Laying of the tiles in a joint breaker.

The joint breaker installation consists of generating rows but in which the joints of some rows and others do not coincide. The vertical joints will be right in the middle of the upper and lower pieces.

3- Displaced joint breaker installation.

This type of installation is similar to the joint breaker. The only difference is that the vertical joint does not coincide perfectly with the center of the upper and lower pieces, but is a little more displaced towards one of its ends.

It brings a more casual touch to the rooms. It breaks with the symmetry and maybe it can mislead a little. Without a doubt it is an alternative that you must like 100%, because if not, it will be able to get rid of those who are obsessed with order.

4- Crossed line placement.

This type of way of placing tiles in a bathroom or kitchen consists of combining two vertical tiles with two horizontal ones. It breaks with linearity and is very decorative.

5- Laying in herringbone mode.

This placement is made using rectangular pieces elongated in a zigzag shape. In this way, the set generates a kind of herringbone on the walls. It introduces a certain dynamism into the rooms, has a certain hypnotic effect and is very decorative.

6- Placement in a vertical joint.

This mode generates a sensation of height on the walls where it is installed. They are similar to the placement in horizontal joint but in vertical. In addition to giving an appearance of order, it will create an effect of height and greater dimension.

7- Laying of hexagonal tiles.

Hexagonal forms have become very fashionable nowadays. They are very attractive and modern. They can be placed completely covering a wall, a specific area or covering a part and leaving some of the pieces loose or further away. They offer very decorative and different alternatives.

Now you know seven ways to place the tiles of your home. No doubt it’s time to choose the one you like best and dare to carry it out.

In any case, remember that laying tiles is very easy, the difficult thing is that they are even and aligned, so it is always better to find a specialist.


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