There are those who believe that domestic work is something simple, but nothing is further from the truth, especially when we encounter the cleaning of the outside of our house, since its cleaning and maintenance requires a greater investment of effort, time and money.

The swimming pool, the garden or the terrace, are spaces very difficult to clean due to the constant agglomeration of dirt, mold, growth of vegetation, and others. However, the front of the house definitely heads our top difficulty, because there is no place more exposed to dirt and at the same time so important to take care of it.

This can be a big problem for many, since not all of us have the availability to give the special attention that the façade deserves; however, there are currently certain methods that can help us carry out these tasks in a simple way.

Join us in this reading and we will show you how to clean your facade quickly and effectively, achieving good results.

There are several methods to clean this important area, but the correct selection of some of them will depend on the constructive characteristics of the facade and the cleaning and maintenance work to be done.

It is important that we take care of every detail when doing this domestic cleaning, because a procedure, technique or chemical badly applied could produce an opposite effect to the one expected.

Cleaning with brushes

For cleaning adhering materials or stains, there are wire-bristle brushes that will help you clean hard surfaces and others with softer bristles for softer surfaces, which should be treated with more care. You must start from the top and work downwards to ensure that the dirt does not stain other areas that have already been cleaned.

Using the paint

It is the most commonly used method, because with a couple of brushstrokes you can immediately remove existing stains and show off a magazine facade.

To achieve effective results you must be sure to clean the surface in question, remove the old color layer and prepare the paint following the instructions on the label.

Maintenance with the help of chemicals

In outdoor cleaning, the use of chemicals is common, which can range from detergents to bleach and acids.

The acids used in cleaning, such as hydrochloric, are ideal for removing very strong stains, such as rust. But you must be very careful, because they are as effective as dangerous.

Bleaches are the perfect tool for removing mold and germs. It is important to separate in sections the areas to be treated and apply it quickly, because prolonged exposure to this product can cause damage.

Detergent is one of the least dangerous and least effective chemicals for outdoor cleaning. It is difficult to achieve good results if you apply it alone, so to multiply its effectiveness you will have to accompany it with brushes or water pressure machines.

The infallible water pressure machines

These new and revolutionary machines, commonly known as pressure washers, have increased their demand in the market due to their ease of use and the great results they can achieve.

The pressure washers allow you to clean any type of facade in a faster, easier and more effective way, reaching without much effort areas of difficult access, such as ceilings, lintels, lattices, coatings, decorations and much more. In addition, they will help you remove embedded or adhered materials, without causing damage to the facade.

There are industrial and domestic ones, with variations in power and pressure, so make sure you choose the right one according to your needs.

And remember that maintaining and taking care of the façade of your home is an important and necessary task that you should not postpone, nor take lightly.


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