Few things are as unpleasant as doing your daily commute routine and finding that things have been removed from your backpack. With the anti-theft models, you’ll have all the security you need, plus comfort and a unique urban style.

Which backpack should I buy to avoid theft?

  • It should be simple. The backpack you choose should not have dozens of compartments, but a limited number (between 3 and 5 in total) with which it is easy to keep your belongings organized.
  • They should have hidden zippers by fabric folds.
  • It is ideal that they have protective accessories such as a high quality integrated lock to secure the exterior zippers.
  • You should choose a model with double seams and anti-cutting material to avoid that it can be broken by force, or that it can be cut using a knife.
  • It should be comfortable, with a backrest and padded straps to protect your skin and muscles when you leave the house.
  • It should have hidden pockets in which you can carry identity documents, money and cards, glasses, and a cell phone.
  • It is important that they are reinforced from head to toe, being resistant to shocks and protecting all your belongings from accidents.
  • You should have internal, closed and padded pockets for your most valuable possessions, such as a laptop or tablet.
  • Style is an important part: look for a model that fits your personality and tastes.

Advantages of backpacks with anti-theft security

  • These backpacks are compact and organized.
  • You can buy them from dozens of different brands, each one of them adapting to different needs.
  • They are available in a wide range of prices, whether you are looking for a more economical backpack or one with more accessories. The cheapest ones cost $30, while the most expensive ones are well over $100.
  • Many have modern accessories such as a USB port or headphone socket.
  • The more expensive models are usually waterproof.
  • Some backpacks include RFID (radio frequency) protection, a modern tool that provides a variety of security options, from preventing theft of contactless cards, to having them opened by someone other than their owner.


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