Here are a few tips to keep in mind to improve the safety of your home without spending money (or almost). It is about taking measures that will increase the safety of your home and your family that you can carry out yourself.

Of course, it also increases the security of your home if you connect your home to an alarm center of a security company or if you place a sophisticated video camera system but that’s another matter.

The main thing you have to understand in order to implement these measures is that you have to think like a thief. Pretend to be a burglar, and try to imagine different ways to get into your own house. Study your home and be aware of security weaknesses.

  • Always lock your doors. Even if you grew up in a place where it is normal to leave your door open, the world has changed. Never forget to close doors and windows properly; especially at night or when you are not at home.
  • New house, new security measures. When you move to a new residence, change all the locks, because you never know who has copies of the key, a specialized locksmith can help you.
  • Leave the lights, television and/or radio on. When you leave, leave the lights on somewhere in the house, or buy a light timer to turn them on automatically at the time you want. Make burglars wonder if anyone is home.
  • Don’t leave messages at the door. For example: “Hello, delivery company. I won’t be home all day, leave the packages in the back of the house”. For a burglar, the message says, “Hello, burglar. I won’t be home all day, you can steal my house.
  • Close the curtains. Keep them closed, especially in rooms with expensive electronic equipment, which brings in a lot of thieves, so they can’t be seen from the outside.
  • Notify the police if anything strange happens. If you see a strange car passing through the neighborhood several times a day, notify the police. If someone is sitting in a car that has been parked on the street for a long time, notify the police. Do not underestimate this type of situation, which can become risky at the least expected time.
  • Buy a simple alarm system for the entrance of your house. If a thief manages to enter the house, the alarm system can prevent him from stealing something; or at least it will warn you of the presence of a stranger in the house.
  • Change the locks if you lose your keys. Someone may have them and know where you live.
  • A dog’s bark serves as a warning and attracts attention, which is something burglars try to avoid.
  • Never leave a spare key outside. It is not advisable to leave extra keys anywhere in the house, especially in obvious places, such as under the entrance carpet or hidden in the garden. Someone is going to see you take them sometime and you’ll be giving them a free pass to enter your home.


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