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The most cold resistant outdoor plants


If you are fond of plants, surely you know that when winter arrives and the temperature drops, it is important to take care of those that can suffer from frost, either by changing their location, covering them a little or even leaving them inside the house; but there are many outdoor plants that we can have in our terrace, garden or balcony that can resist the cold without any problem, so let’s get to know them and so that your fears disappear (in case you have them) or that you can bet on them without any problem.

The most resistant outdoor plants to the cold

With winter just around the corner, our plants should be well protected from the cold, but perhaps you have plants that already, due to their nature, can easily withstand low temperatures without you knowing it, while on the other hand, you may not want to see your balcony without plants during the cold season, so nothing like choosing some of the ones we now propose, which are distinguished by being very resistant to the cold and are also very decorative.


The first of the outdoor plants that best resist the cold and that we want to recommend you to have in your garden or terrace is the lavender that being a very resistant plant, has the characteristic to adapt even to hard winters. It gives a very rich flowering (especially if placed in full sun) and is often used to form decorative hedges. It can be planted directly in the ground, as long as there is enough space around it so that it can grow and spread, or planted in pots as well, although they grow quickly and will need to be transplanted several times throughout the year.

Pachysandra terminalis

Unlike lavender, this is a modest flowering plant with small, barely visible, cream-colored but very pretty and decorative flowers. On the other hand, it has a particularly lush and dark green foliage, which makes it ideal for creating hedges. It has ground cover characteristics and the new seedlings come out directly from the root.

Helleborus orientalis (or hellebore)

Of all the plants described so far, this is the one that seems to appreciate frost the most. It is spectacular because it flowers in the middle of winter and that is why it is also called the Christmas Rose. Its pods, which contain the plant’s seeds, can be very decorative.


By alternating the different varieties of these ornamental herbs, it is possible to create a whole low-maintenance garden that is interesting throughout the year. A species of plants that we can find in colors like acid green, in yellow or silver or in tones that go from bronze to brilliant copper. They require very few interventions, are resistant to heat and cold and are virtually unaware of parasites. One of the best plants for those people who want to see their terrace or balcony decorated, but without having to worry too much about them.

Lewisia cotyledonc

Lewisia cotyledonc

This other plant, with such a peculiar name and native to Oregon in the United States, stands out for its abundant colorful flowering, making it a very decorative plant, able to adapt to low temperatures and live well even in rock gardens . The mother plant is shaped like a rosette and can multiply quickly, generating more seedlings.

Vinca minor (or periwinkle)

This is an evergreen plant that also grows wild, easy to find in the undergrowth or on roadsides. It is a groundcover species and is usually used to create decorative borders. From May to August it is enriched with pink and blue flowers that stay all winter long without any problem.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

A beautiful herb, very useful in mixed-edge close-ups or for creating touches of color in rock gardens. In winter it loses its aerial part, but invariably comes back when the days become longer and warmer; moreover, it does not fear drought either. To obtain better grouped and flowering plants, it is good to shorten the stems in mid-spring.

These are only some of the plants that resist the temperatures of the cold months and that give the possibility of having a full and leafy garden even in the winter season, although we should never forget that we should always take care of them with the necessary watering for each one.


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