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Trailer houses: mini-houses on wheels


Trailer houses are the perfect solution for people looking for a nomadic and alternative lifestyle. It is a concept similar to “Tiny house” or mini-houses, but in this case they are not fixed without being on wheels. Some of them are authentic design pieces, where the space is used to the maximum, they have the basic comforts to live in direct contact with nature. Below we reveal their advantages and show you some surprising and functional trailer houses.

Advantages of the trailer houses

There are many reasons to live in trailers and adopt this lifestyle, to be completely autonomous, to be in contact with nature and to travel. It is a fanatical experience to get to know other countries and cultures and to travel to exceptional places.

This lifestyle is perfect for adventurous people who like to travel and not worry about the typical problems of where to sleep, eat and rest. Enjoy watching the sunrise every day in different places. Trailer houses are special accommodations to enjoy the outdoor life.

Alek Lisefski Ecological House

Alek Lisefski Ecological House

The American web designer Alek Lisefski decided to build his own house tired of high rent prices. In a small trailer he built a cozy and sustainable house thanks to ecological and recycled materials that help to protect the environment.

For Alex and his partner living in a small space was a more organized, simple and efficient way of living. The house is mounted on a trailer so they can move around wherever they want.

Alek Lisefski Ecological House

The house of almost 50 square meters has 10 windows to provide the interior with great luminosity and greater visual range. Covered with natural wood it achieves a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The space is used to the maximum and the furniture is multifunctional and versatile. It is one of the most surprising, beautiful and efficient trailer houses.

Baluchon Utopia

Baluchon Utopia 1

This 6 meter long trailer house has been built by the French company Baluchon. It uses natural and white spruce wood inside the house and red cedar outside.

In the living room it has a large window of 2.70 m high to illuminate the interior of the mini-house and to create an incredible exterior-interior effect.

Baluchon Utopia

This trailer is ideal for young couples. It has many windows, sofa, dining table for two, kitchen and bathroom. It also has a bedroom with a double bed and closets. It has a LED lighting and standard RV style electrical connection. One of the company’s trailer houses that you can buy for 42,500.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s house

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison house 1

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s trailer house of only 20 square meters is made with a lot of love. The goal is to save money and focus on the important people and things in life. After a year of working and paying the mortgage they decided to make a radical change and bet on the trailer houses.

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison house 2

The couple studied architecture and decided to build their new home. The wooden mini-house has a living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The house is designed to make the most of it. Under the stairs they placed a closet for clothes. It is part of the trailer houses surprising for its simplicity and functionality.

Macy Miller’s eco-friendly mini-house

Macy Miller eco-friendly mini-house 1

Macy Miller is an architect who has built her own mini-house with little money with the help of her partner and father. It is one of the most famous and photographed trailer houses. The house is 18 square meters and its base is an unused truck bed.

It is an ecological house because the toilet does not use water but uses a sawdust procedure. The exterior cladding is made of recycled pallet wood. All these measures help to protect the environment and do not generate negative impacts.

Macy Miller eco-friendly mini-house 2

What do you think of the trailer houses? They are mini-houses on wheels that exude a spatial charm. They make the most of the space and have multifunctional and versatile furniture. The mini-houses have many advantages, among them the ability to live constantly changing places and enjoy new landscapes and cultures.


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