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Four self-esteem tips for new mothers and fathers

Home & FamilyFour self-esteem tips for new mothers and fathers

The arrival of a new member to the family is a momentous event in the life of the father and mother. The routine known so far experiences a turning point with this happy event. But, besides joy, there is also room to feel insecurity, fear or tiredness.

First-time parents are now facing a new chapter in their lives. And it is positive that this chapter evolves on the foundation of a high self-esteem. These four tips will help you to take care of this self-esteem.

1. Global self-esteem

Motherhood and fatherhood occupy a very important space in the lives of the protagonists. But the value that a person makes of itself goes beyond this area. There is a balance that accompanies the most significant areas of existence. For example, professional development, family life, personal improvement, fulfilled dreams… Maternity is a specific section within this global evaluation.

2. Willingness to strengthen self-esteem

New parents face so many tasks and occupations, they may conclude that they don’t have time to focus on taking care of their self-esteem. And yet, it is worth remembering that self-improvement also lies in the initiative of the one who consciously cultivates his or her self-esteem through inner dialogue, personal care and the creation of happy experiences.

3. How to respond to the advice of others

Sometimes, the advice that new parents receive from others overflows to those who feel the effect of this perfectionism. You can’t stop other people from sharing their point of view with you, although you can show your desire to focus the conversation on other topics.

But even if you try to avoid it, there can always be someone who, at the most unexpected moment, will give you advice. Therefore, you cannot prevent this from happening, however, you can influence how you want to respond in this type of situation.

For example, try to respond with distance to such advice when it comes from someone who often repeats similar ideas to you. The advice speaks to that person’s history and experience. But each experience, beyond the possible coincidences, is different. New parents experience an important learning process in this stage that is accompanied by so many changes.

4. Observe your personal evolution

It is not positive that you compare yourself with other parents because often the comparison affects negatively the self-esteem of the one who idealizes another human being. On the contrary, you can put into perspective your inner growth, the challenges you have overcome in recent months and the lessons you have learned as a mother or father.

You are the protagonist of the great miracle of life. And this is a fact that, in itself, nourishes the self-esteem of those who are aware of the transformation they have experienced.


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