Our home wears out irreparably over time, due to water leaks, temperature changes or cycles of materials. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the state of the structures to remodel when necessary. Discover in this article the mistakes you should avoid when renovating the house!

It is important that the house preserves the sensations of well-being, has modern styles and increases its value. In this way, the reforms are essential, because they allow the incorporation of new elements and do not progress breakdowns that unleash risks.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the areas that suffer most from wear and tear due to their daily exposure to humidity, heat and grease. Thus, in the first instance, partial renovations can only occur in these areas. However, remodeling can also be done in an integral way, that is to say, by executing works in the whole home.

How often is it recommended to renovate the house?

The general structure and painting of the walls and floors can begin to be damaged after several years. The main properties of the materials are weakened by frequent use, direct sunlight and inclement weather.

A complete renovation is necessary in all homes to ensure the quality of the building and its inhabitants. In addition, it is the opportunity to update the house with objects that are fashionable, provide greater comfort and have more sophisticated functions.

The process requires a large economic investment, because aspects of the entire house are changed. Because of this, and added to the maximum time that materials can resist with good care, experts recommend that this type of renovation be done every 15 to 20 years.

Mistakes to avoid when renovating the house

Renovating a house is a complex process that requires detailed attention so that the constructions are completed successfully and the expected results are obtained.

Mistakes can generate serious consequences in the short and long term. Therefore, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Failure to plan

Planning is necessary to recognize the aspects that need to be changed, to define everything that needs to be incorporated and to establish a correct distribution of space.

It is essential to clarify ideas, build an outline of what you want to achieve and communicate the concepts to the professional to avoid misunderstandings.

Improvising can lead to the purchase of unnecessary elements, the non-remediation of essential damages or incorrect demolitions, which can cause more problems than solutions.

Not establishing a budget

When renovating, people may want to purchase multiple products that are trendy and innovative. However, it is essential to evaluate the exact amount of money available in order to define priorities and materials to buy.

Not setting a budget may mean that the balance is exceeded or that there are illusions with products that, in the end, cannot be purchased. Therefore, it is essential to make a list of total expenses, keep a record of the investment and make quotations with accurate figures.

Not preparing money for unforeseen events

In all construction processes, unforeseen events may occur. This is because at the moment of sanding or breaking the walls, new problems can be detected that imply additional materials to achieve a solution.

It is also necessary to take into account that in a construction site it is not exempt of damaging a tool or material. Thus, a balance should be left for unplanned situations.

Do not hire experts

An integral reform is a process that has to be left in the hands of specialists. They are the ones who have the necessary knowledge to intervene the house in a safe way and analyze the most effective execution processes.

If the reform is assigned to an inexperienced person, it can put at risk his integrity and that of the inhabitants of the house. This is because the walls and ceilings can be poorly reinforced and collapse. In addition, it is possible that unevenness may be left, causing cracks, humidity or flooding.

Not taking into account legal procedures

Integral works are large processes that, at some point, may occupy some part of the public realm and interfere with the neighbors’ space. Accordingly, they always need a license to operate with the permission of the law.

In order for the license to be approved, it is necessary to submit documentation that corroborates all the works to be carried out. This legal action is intended to ensure that the requirements are met to do so safely and without affecting surrounding homes.

Not having the approval license to carry out the remodeling can lead to lawsuits and interruption of the construction. In addition, it is important to agree on parameters with the neighbors to avoid inconveniences that may end up in lawsuits.

Focusing on aesthetics and forgetting functionality

When remodeling a house, the aim is for it to have a great decoration, to transmit new, elegant and cozy styles. However, the installation of indispensable functionalities, such as lighting and electrical outlets, should not be forgotten.

Places for lighting, power and drains should be planned before any decoration. This avoids that some decorations interrupt strategic points or that the installations damage the aesthetics that had already been finalized.

Not signing contracts and guarantee agreements

An integral reform cannot be agreed by word of mouth. It is essential to sign contracts between the owner and the professional, in which values, delivery terms and guarantee times of the work are stipulated.

The signed papers must have their respective copy and be kept in a safe place. This is the way to avoid misunderstandings that only generate discord.

When renovating the house, all the details must be taken into account.

In order to reform the house successfully, it is necessary to listen to the advice of specialists, because they help to make the best decisions, based on their experience. In addition, it is very important to have previous consultancies that allow to know other remodelings, to learn from the process and to clear legal doubts.

For an integral reform, it is necessary to make quotations in several places and use the best quality materials. These two actions help to take care of the budget and to guarantee that the improvements developed in the building will last.



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