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How to go from a children’s room to a teenager’s room?

Home & FamilyHow to go from a children's room to a teenager's room?


The change from a children’s room to a teenager’s room is an important change in our child’s life. We leave behind the more childlike spaces to create environments with a higher degree of personalization; and they want their own corner, their own space, their own refuge. They want a place where they can identify themselves.

We talk a little about this process and give you some ideas; and although in the end our teenagers are the ones who choose, we can help them to have a much more optimal space for this stage of their lives.

An appropriate bed

It is quite common that at a certain age we have to change our child’s bed. Be careful, because there are models of convertible beds that can last a long time. We even have options of cribs that can be converted into beds up to 1.60 m long. However, at these ages they are usually already tall. It’s time to buy an adult bed. If the room is very large, we can opt for beds up to 1.50 wide, being a very interesting option for rest. However, let’s think that we will need space for other areas, so if it occupies too much, we may have to opt for a 1.35 or even a 90 wide. The length will depend on how tall our child is, but a length of 1.90 is usually enough.

Much more storage

When our children reach a certain age, the things they are going to store at home increase, as does their height and weight. Yes, a teenager starts to have more leisure, more hobbies, more passions and more… junk. It’s time to reorganize the room so they can have more storage.

They won’t store as many toys, but they will store more shoes, more pants and more clothing in general. In addition, it will also hold more books, more music and any kind of collectibles. A large, custom-made bookshelf may be necessary. If we don’t have much wall space, try to make sure that this shelf doesn’t reach the floor, so we can use the lower part of the wall for other types of furniture, from shoe racks to a desk.

A built-in closet may be one of the best options at this point in your life. If we have not done it before, it is a good time to place one in your room. Remember that these made-to-measure closets adapt perfectly to any corner, making the most of even the smallest spaces.

Customization of old furniture

One of our tips is always to go for neutral furniture. In this way, when our children grow up they can be reused because they do not have that childish touch. In addition, we can also paint them. If your son has a passion for black, maybe he can paint that white dresser black. Chalk paint is always our bet, as it covers a lot, is easy to apply and we do not need to sand or remove other products from the surface. Just a couple of coats and it will be as good as new.

At this point, let your child choose the colors. You can even create compositions by lining the drawers with a fabric that you like. What’s more, there are wallpapers or vinyl wallpapers that can be used to line these pieces of furniture, especially if they have straight lines.

A well-prepared study area

Your child’s small desk may not be so suitable anymore. A desk is important at certain ages; the school stage of our children is essential for their development as individuals. Do not do without this space.

It doesn’t matter if the room is small, there are always options. Custom-made tables can be interesting. In addition, there are desks that fold up and remain closed without disturbing in the least.

The important thing is that your child feels comfortable at the desk to be able to develop all the work ahead. Thus, the chair will also be an essential element to invest in. In this sense, let’s try to look for quality chairs, such as office chairs or youtuber chairs, so fashionable nowadays. As the years go by, they are going to have to study more and more, so the most ergonomic options will be the most appropriate.

A seating area

There are times when we have space to spare, and in these cases you can do real wonders. If your child’s bedroom is large enough, consider also the possibility of creating a sitting area. A place where they can get together with their friends and chat. A corner sofa can be the perfect place for teenage gatherings without having to be in the common areas of the house.

Solutions for smaller rooms

In case our bedroom is smaller, we can opt for a type of beds that work very well. These are the high beds. Structures that leave the mattress in the air and that manage to take advantage of the lower part for another function, from the study area to this living area that we mentioned.

Personalization to their liking

Finally, think that teenagers already have a strong personality, so be prepared to see posters and wall prints that you may not like but that they do. Music, fictional characters or simply TV actors. We have all been teenagers.


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