Friends of impeccable garments, LG Electronics has launched the LG Vapor Cleaner Styler, a steam cabinet that uses the latest technology to offer total care for all types of garments, even the most delicate.

This device sanitizes, refreshes, eliminates odors, dries and irons all types of garments, so it allows you to have the dry cleaning at home, and without chemical elements that can damage clothes, or the environment.

The LG Vapor Cleaner Styler comes in two models, white and mirror finish, which allows it to be easily integrated into the decor of the bedroom, dressing room or ironing room.

Both models have capacity for 4 garments, and maximum ThinQ connectivity. LG Vapor Cleaner Styler includes a removable water tank so it does not need connection to water, only light, and can be placed in any space in the house.

The LG Vapor Cleaner Styler cleans garments in just 2 hours, without personal handling and without added chemicals potentially harmful to health and clothes, since the cleaning is done only with steam.

In addition to sanitizing the garments, the steam allows the elimination of odors from the garments in 20 minutes. A function that is undoubtedly very useful when it comes to give the final touch to suits, dresses or trench coats that are clean, but we need to give them a touch of freshness before wearing them.

The LG Vapor Cleaner Styler also includes a specific program to reduce wrinkles in garments, and a special anti-wrinkle hanger for trouser creases. And thanks to its low-temperature heat pump (60°C) and the movement of the hangers in a cycle of up to 200 times per minute, this steam cabinet offers a delicate and efficient drying without friction or shocks.

To complete its functionalities, the steam cabinet also allows the addition of aromatic kits to add personalized scents to the garments.

The LG Vapor Cleaner Styler can be controlled and monitored remotely via the LG ThinQTM app, thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity. This technology allows you to schedule certain programs remotely to have the garments ready at the desired time, or to receive alerts on the status of the programs that are active.

The application also allows downloading additional programs designed for special garments, such as those made of leather or fur, silk ties or blankets and comforters.

The device also comes at a time when, in addition to the usual care and cleaning of clothes, there is also the need to keep our garments free of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to TrueSteam water vapor technology, LG Vapor Cleaner Styler is capable of eliminating 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and allergens from garments, including the human coronavirus.

The technology incorporated in the device places the temperature inside the closet between 60ºC and 62ºC, which allows sanitization with maximum efficiency, avoiding the deterioration of the fabrics of garments such as pillow and cushion fillings or even duvet covers.


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