It is always nice to create something really different for a kids’ party. So events are very similar and some kids seem to be at parties all the time. Finding a novel theme which lends itself to fun activities can be difficult but one you might want to consider is a detective game. Most youngsters enjoy an adventure and love the excitement of a good mystery so this is a theme you can really have fun with.

The Occasion

A detective theme works well for both boys and girls and can be used for Birthdays, Christmas and Easter events. It doesn’t matter how many kids are involved as this is a great game for individuals, small groups or large occasions.

The Venue

Any venue can be used as the backdrop to your story and will provide perfect places to hide clues. Whether your party is in a hotel, a hall or at your own home a plot can be created to suit the venue. It is amazing how much discovering you can do even in your own backyard.

The Plot

Think of a simple story which will provide the framework for the event. If it is Easter then stolen Easter eggs would be a good yarn. A Christmas party could be organised around a tale of presents which have disappeared and for birthdays how about setting the kids out to find the booty of a chocolate thief?

Read the kids a short tale of what has happened and then set them off to find the hidden treasures and the guilty party and you should provide a few clues as to their whereabouts. You can engage adults to dress up and play the roles of some of the characters from the story and the kids can interrogate them and try to extract valuable information to help them with their quest. Use little tricks like clues written in invisible ink, footprints in the garden and forensic evidence like scraps of cloth and hair. You can tailor the complexity of the story to suit any age group.

Gifts and Rewards

You could hand out party bags which contain aids to detection like magnifying glasses and notebooks and set up some of the clues so that the kids have to use their tools. Write clues in tiny writing so they need their magnifying glass and ask them to record what they discover in their notebooks. Tell the kids that they can keep the eggs, chocolate and presents that they manage to find and award prizes for the best detection and discovering who the thief is.

New Careers

If you do there are some great detection and forensic kits on the market for youngsters which encourage exploration and will keep them happy for hours. So get your thinking cap on and create a plot with interesting characters and clues for your next children’s party. You might find that you have a career as a crime writer!



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