A bathroom does not need to be large to be a great bathroom; sometime it is more important how you use a space than how big it is.

To make the most of your small bathroom, consider each element carefully and figure out much space they really need to take up. If you have considered reforming your bathroom, you can opt for a stylish pedestal sink instead of a bulky vanity or forgoing the bathtub for a space saving enclosed shower. If you really must have a bathtub, be sure to take a look for different sizes and shapes: there are a wide variety of styles available to make the best use of your space.

Lift Cabinets off the Floor

This bathroom is a great example of how easy it is to trick our perception of space. Simply by attaching the cabinets to the walls and keeping space below them the entire room feels lighter and larger. The use of gray accents and white cabinets also prevents them from weighting down the room or creating a cluttered atmosphere. Setting the shelves into the wall behind the shower is also a great touch and a clever way of getting extra storage space into a small room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color

The fantastic use of bright color in this bathroom really makes it feel cozy and inviting despite its size. By keeping the color to the top half of the room and using white on the lower half and as the tub surround this bathroom makes the most of the natural light coming in above the well-chosen, short but deep tub. A combination of old and new styles, it is instantly charming and the wood floor is a lovely complement to the warm wall color and the double taps on the sink in are a nice addition.

Eco-Friendly Space Saver

For an eco-friendly and space saving approach, consider how often you really make use of the bathtub. Not only will you avoid that cramped feeling of a too-small bathroom but you will save water and create a modern, chic appearance. This bathroom is a great example of just how much larger a room will feel without a giant bathtub taking up a third of the floor space. The sink and toilet surrounded by short cabinets is a great addition and the green accents, bamboo plant, and cute floral design give a great spa-like feel. If in case you are a person who prefers more storage space, use more of bath and shower accessories to store most of your towels, shampoo etc. Arranging these accessories on the walls in a pattern or design will also help it look different.

Embrace Your Space

The slanted window in this bathroom is a great example of embracing the uniqueness of your space. By embracing the slant and using a large window with built in ledge counter over the toilet, not only did the designer bring in a ton of great natural lighting but managed to provide some good counter space that removes the need for bulky cabinets. The white porcelain and light pink walls give this bathroom a wonderfully comfortable, feminine atmosphere and the glass shower really makes the most of the light. The darker floor would normally not be recommended in a small bathroom but it really works to counter the light palette and ground the room.

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