If you are anything like most people, you’ll forget about your locks after they’ve been put. After all, don’t you believe they’re meant to perform their job and keep your house safe simply?

While it is true that high-quality locks should function with few issues, this does not negate the necessity for regular maintenance. Some simple attention may significantly improve the quality and lifespan of your locks – the kind you can do on your own. What’s more, upkeep takes very little time, so it’s well worth the tiny amount of work it requires.

Lock maintenance isn’t typically on the top of a family’s to-do list, but it should be. Maintaining your locks improves their performance and may save you money in the long run on door lock repairs.

Dirt and filth will get inside the door lock, as they do with all mechanical devices. The lock will become very difficult to operate or possibly shatter if not correctly maintained.

Avoid Using Force

Using too much effort on the locks may cause them to deteriorate over time. This compromises their capacity to operate correctly by reducing their strength and durability. Excessive force on the doorknobs and other activities like slamming the door cause your door lock to deteriorate over time and ultimately fail.

Pulling on your keys is not a good idea

Maintenance isn’t always about doing anything extra; it may sometimes be about avoiding doing something. You should get into the habit of not tugging on your key while it’s in the lock-in in this instance.

Many individuals tend to yank their keys from their locks with force. Others will shut their doors by taking the key out of the lock while still in the lock. You should do neither of these things.

When you pull a key hard enough, it exerts a lot of pressure on the lock. This may eventually cause the lock to fail. As a result, try gently wiggling your key out of the lock rather than pulling it.

Make a Set of Duplicate Keys

Keys are not designed to survive lack of attention. They do tend to wear out over time. You’ll always have a solid key to lock and unlock your door if you have a spare key manufactured from the original key. The product page of many key-making websites explains this better.

It’s also helpful to have a spare key in case you misplace or lose one. If you have a decent key, you won’t have to push it into the lock. It quickly unlocks your door.

Lubricate The Inside Of Your Locks Once A Year To Keep Them In Good Shape

Is the interior of your lock being maintained as well as the exterior of your lock? Lubricating your door locks is one of the most essential yet often neglected maintenance tasks.

You should spray a small quantity of oil into the keyway. Move your key in and out of the lock after spraying the lubricant inside. Remove any debris from the key each time you remove it before replacing it in the safety. At least once a year, lubricate your locks using this technique.

Make Sure Your Deadbolt Is Working

You should be able to secure the lock without having to push or pull the doorknob. If you have to shift the door around to get it to lock with the deadbolt, it’s because you didn’t fit the lock or frame safety properly. Check to see whether the deadbolt extends all the way when it’s locked.


Looking back at little things after taking them for granted teaches many lessons. The thought of being locked out of your house or office is stressful enough. Therefore, make a point to dedicate some time checking your locks every once in a while.


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