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Three recommended fabrics for this summer

Home & FamilyThree recommended fabrics for this summer

As the heat is fast approaching and living in a house without air condition is just way too inconvenient, we always think and search for ways on how to keep our cool during summer days. From fans to coolers, others are baffled on what appliances to purchase to avoid the sweat of the season. However, as much as appliances, we can still have those essentials which do not require electricity —- such as your curtains.

Curtains can be somehow overlooked when placed in our homes. Usually, we just think of it as an ordinary piece of fabric that just hangs to cover our windows and that’s it. Still, when we get to purchase our curtains, it must be deemed necessary to think of what fabric material to buy to make the most out of them. More than just the cover, it also has added benefits too; protecting your home from UV rays which can cause discoloration and pilling of your furniture, and provides you with a barrier to maintain the temperature inside your homes.

Nevertheless, not all curtain fabrics can do the same. Differences in fabric materials vary, and you must know some of the best so you can have that efficient curtain at home.


Cotton is a very popular curtain fabric and can be seen in most homes anywhere. Its prominent availability makes it seen always, and thus just grabbed by anyone regardless of how thick or thin it is. However, one thing is for sure —- cotton is a lightweight fabric with added benefits to give privacy and protection inside your homes.

Depending on its thickness, cotton can be transparent or made otherwise, and homeowners have the freedom to choose what they want for their homes. If you want something that appears and feels breathable, then you can opt for thin cotton fabrics. They can also let the fresh summer air flow freely so you can have that added ventilation most especially that the summer heat cannot be prevented. More so, if you like piled and seemingly heavy cotton, you may choose from thick curtain fabrics in cotton to give you more depth and privacy for your homes. Thick fabrics in cotton block out light more so you can have much control over the light that comes in.

Furthermore, cotton is a very affordable fabric which is what homeowners usually appreciate!

Brocade and Damask

These two fabrics are seen as overly elegant, due to their thickness, class, and design. However, not everyone might not appreciate them, but they are definitely great for your curtain essentials this summer.

We all know that Brocade and Damask have stylish patterns right? Well, let us skip that part. Aside from its artistic and bold character which can improve the interiors of your homes, even more, Brocade and Damask serve as a barrier for your furniture this summer. We all know for a fact that too much sunlight can cause discoloration and pilling of your furniture at home —— Brocade and Damask provide you with thickness, giving you a piled and smooth fabric that can prevent your furniture from being damaged. In addition, the thick cloth of both fabrics can also maintain the temperature inside your home so you don’t need to turn your air conditioners on 24/7. Thus, the thick fabric traps the temperature inside your homes, while also blocking the heat from the outside.

Now, how ingenious is that?


The second most popular curtain fabric next to cotton is linen. It’s also a very affordable fabric, which appears thin but can block out 90% of the sunlight from coming in. Apart from this, linen also is a breathable fabric, which makes it good for conducive ventilation on hot summer days. Nonetheless, linen is much resistant to heat and humidity and is not high maintenance compared to other curtain fabrics. Furthermore, it is believed to be mildew-resistant, antimicrobial, and does not pill easily to it is great for indoor and outdoor use; it is generally durable and can be used for all your curtain needs.

If you are more into the design, linen can also bring your window covers to life. Like cotton, it can be associated with many colours and designs, so you can have the freedom to mix and match your fabrics to add a statement to the wholeness of your interiors. Just so you know, linen might be something you just cannot get enough of.

Your curtains can either be draped or designed to become roman blinds or just a simple curtain. From plain, prints, and fabric type, you must always choose the necessary and sustainable one to make your home a better place to live in. Searching for the style and material you want, what you know looks best for your home is your choice, so give it a shot and have your curtains changed this summer!

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