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6 Signs Your Loved One Needs Long Term Care


Watching a loved one grow ill or old is never easy, to the point you might put off the inevitable for as long as possible. The truth is, it is often far kinder to introduce long-term care before it reaches the point where it’s extremely obvious. If you have a family member that might be struggling, here are six signs that they need long-term care.

1. They Need Regular Medication

Needing regular medication doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one needs extra care, but if the medication list is long and sometimes difficult to administer, it’s probably better to get a professional to do it. This is especially true if your loved one sometimes forgets to take it, as that could end up leaving them in a very dangerous situation. If they are very ill and you worry about this, looking at care homes in Barnet is a good option, as there they will receive the ongoing long-term care they need.

2. Their Home is a Mess

A messy house isn’t always a sign someone needs long-term care, but if your loved one was previously very tidy, it might mean they can no longer take care of their home. This can have various negative consequences, including trip hazards. Long-term care can help with this, as an in-home carer will help with daily tasks like tidying while a care home will be kept tidy by on-site staff.

3. They Keep Forgetting Things

One of the scariest signs to notice in an elderly family member is memory loss. It’s better to get help for it sooner rather than later, though, so if your loved one frequently forgets things like appointments or medications, you should look into long-term care. That way, they’ll have a better chance at a long and comfortable life.

4. They Never Leave the House

Staying inside all of the time is a bad sign for everyone, and it can be an indicator of multiple illnesses, from depression to arthritis. Whether your loved one complains about an illness or not, if they don’t go out at all, it’s time to step in and decide whether or not they need extra care. Long-term care in a care home would provide an environment where they don’t have to travel far to enjoy a social life.

5. They’ve Had More than One Accident

An accident in the home or out and about can be a bad sign, but an isolated incident isn’t always a case for long-term care. If it has happened more than once, though, then it’s a fair indication that they need help day-to-day. After all, the next accident could end up far more damaging.

6. You Can’t Provide the Care They Need

If you know that your loved one needs care, but you can’t provide it alone, then you should consider long-term care. Another sign that your loved one needs long-term care is when their home is not ready for aging in place. A long-term care home will take care of it all. That way, their needs won’t go unattended. Remember, finding care for your loved one when they need it most is often the kindest thing you can do.


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