By now you have probably heard about all the extreme weather conditions happening past winter.

Whether it’s a record-breaking cold snap, a heavy snowfall, or a sudden ice storm, there is nothing better than coming home from work to find your dog curled up in your bed ready for some snuggles and the best quality company.

There will be plenty of weather warnings this year, but taking some time now to be prepared will make all the difference to your home and your family.

So here are some tips to help you prepare your home for all kinds of inclement weather this winter.

Keep A Path To and From Your Home Clear

In bad weather, keeping the entrance to your home clear is absolutely critical, whether you use snow blowers or a handheld shovel, you must keep a path clear from the street to your home and make sure you can get in and out of your property easily.

Remove Snow From The Entranceway As Soon As It Appears

Place some trash cans near the door so you can quickly throw snow from shoes and boots into it.

Sidewalks and driveways should always have snow shoveled away from the house so that water run-off doesn’t damage your walls or foundation.

Check Your Roof

Check your roof to make sure there are no leaks. If there are any, fix them now so you don’t have to do it later when it’s too late.

Check around your chimney. Make sure there are no loose bricks or damaged mortar, which could lead to water seeping in when it rains.

Be Prepared For Power Outages

You should always have a battery-powered radio handy in case of emergencies.

Have flashlights placed near your exit routes, in addition to places around the home where you will need light during an emergency.

Clear Out The Gutters Before The Snow

Make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris before the snow starts to fall.

If they’re full of leaves or other debris, wait until winter has set in after the fall, but don’t leave it too late in the season or you risk the gutters filling up with snow and ice, which will prove dangerous to the point where you’ll break through your roof.

Clear The Snow From the Roof

If you use a ladder to clear snow from your roof, attach it to the side of the house so it doesn’t cause any accidents.

Always have someone watching so they can call out if anything happens, and be sure your ladder is strong enough to support you and not crack or break under the weight of both you and the snow.

Avoid walking too close to or leaning on your house’s exterior walls or windows. You don’t want to risk falling and cracking your skull on a windowpane as you hit the ground below! Try not to make any holes in your roof either, as it could weaken the structure and lead to water inside—making for an expensive repair job.



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