Many of you know that there is a growing trend in many families to name newborn boys and girls after pop culture characters.

Naturally, one of the most notable cases in the last decade has been Game of Thrones, with newborns receiving names like Daenerys or Khaleesi but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also taking a big piece of the pie, and the trend continued to rise in 2020 in the U.S. (and likely other countries around the world).

The U.S. Social Security Administration has revealed some curious facts about names related to the UCM.

In 2020, 135 boys were named after Tom Hiddleston’s UCM character Loki (and yes, the Norse god).

Meanwhile, 128 girls were named Valkyre, paying homage to Teesa Thompson’s character in the Marvel movies.

Another wildly popular name since 2017 has been Thanos, because if you can name your child after a supervillain, no one will dare bother him or her.

The trend has been dropping since the release of Avengers: Infinity War, but there are still parents who name their child after characters from the saga.

Other Marvel names popular among parents who have to “baptize” their children are Bucky and Quill, inspired by Sebastian Stan and Chris Pratt’s characters.

Bucky was the name chosen for 9 little ones, while 47 were named Quill. It is worth noting that their parents will have to be on the lookout in case a marauding ship wants to abduct their child.

The impact of pop culture far beyond the strictly audiovisual or reading is more than evident.

Would you name your children after a fictional character? Which one would you choose?


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