On Google Images there are billions of photos taken from every web page imaginable, and that includes personal blogs and journals with family photos.

Sometimes we can find photos of our children there, using keywords with their name, or keywords describing what they were doing when the photo was posted on the Internet (possibly several years ago).

How to ask Google to delete those photos

The thing is that now there is a way to ask Google to delete those photos, and these are the steps to do:

  1.  You have to go to the corresponding Google Help Center page. To do this, go to this link. There they indicate that Google removes non-explicit images of minors under 18 years of age, removing the content from the search results. This can be requested by the minor as well as their parents or guardians.
  2.  From there, fill in this form. In it we will indicate if we have already spoken to the person responsible for the page that stores the photo.
  3.  Select the option “Images of a person currently under 18 years of age”.
  4.  Now we have to indicate the full name of the minor appearing in the images, our name (if we are acting on behalf of the minor), the relationship we have with the minor, the current age of the minor, the country of residence and the URLs of the images we want to be deleted. It also helps if we put the URLs of the pages that originally posted the photo.

It is important to note that this only works for images that are still published on a web page. If you have already managed to remove the original page, we just have to wait for the Google bot to notice and stop crawling it. If you want to speed up this process, you can use this other form, dedicated to the request for removal of obsolete content.

What cannot be removed

– Content of public or newsworthy interest will not be removed.
– The content of the original page that published the photo will not be removed. Google has no responsibility for the original website, only for the search engine, so the photo will disappear from the search engine, not from the Internet.

All requests go through moderators, and communication will be made using the email address provided in the request form.


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